Putin: We will destroy culprits of Moscow Metro bomb blasts

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin promises the attackers responsible for setting off explosions at two Moscow subway stations early Monday, killing at least 38 people and injuring scores, "will be destroyed."

Two female suicide bombers hit the two central Moscow underground rail stations in coordinated attacks during the early Monday rush hour of March 29. The first exploded in the second car of the train at the Lubyanka station under the Federal Security Services headquarters near the Kremlin, killing 25 people on the train and the platform.  
Thirty minutes later, the second blast killed 12 at the Kultury Park station near the famous Gorky Park. The bombers are said to have triggered blasts of 2-3 kilos strapped to their bodies.
Two later died of their wounds. One of the North Caucasian al Qaeda affiliates, powerful among Islamist rebels, is believed responsible.
Half a million people were in the stations when the blasts occurred. Russian security then shut down the Moscow subway system, one of the busiest in the world through which 5.5 million commuters travel daily.
Terror alert was declared in central Moscow and the airports.
Foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman sent the Russian government condolences on the loss of life in a terror attack on behalf of the Israeli government. US president Barack Obama offered US cooperation in catching the culprits.

In Feb. 2004, a major attack on a train at Moscow Metro killed 39 people.


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