Russia halts TOR-M1, S-300 air, missile defense missiles to Iran

debkafile‘s military sources report that Russia’s abrupt suspension of consignments of advanced Tor-M1 air defense missiles and S-300 anti-missile systems has left Tehran high and dry for effective weapons to defend itself and its nuclear facilities against attacks.
Our Iranian sources disclose that extreme frustration prompted the boasts of Revolutionary Guards Deputy Commander Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami Sunday, Oct. 11, that Tehran’s hi-tech missiles can repel any attack against the country. He spoke in the northern town of Sarri.
Regarding sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic, he said: “Today, the US is experiencing demise despite its great economic, defensive and military power, but the Islamic Iran has remained abloom amid waves of animosities and blaze of sanctions and the nation’s power and capability are getting stronger every day.”
Salami went on to sing the praises of the Revolutionary Guards, its power and its missile capability for confronting enemy threats. Our Sejil missiles, he said, can repel any threat and attack.
debkafile‘s military sources note that the two-stage solid-fuel Sejil has a range of 2,200 km., is accurate within a 20-meter radius but is after all a ground-to ground missiles which is incapable of repelling missile or air attacks. The IRGC commander was trying to lift plunging morale in his corps and the Iranian military; both know that denied the top-quality Russian air defense missiles, Iran has no shield against an American or Israeli missile or air attack.
According to our Moscow sources, the Russians froze the transfers of anti-missile, anti-air missiles to Iran in the expectation of Saudi Arabia following through on negotiations for the purchase of the latest word in Russian anti-missile hardware, the S-400, which is more advanced than the S-300 system now withheld from Iran. It has never been sold to a foreign government and even the Russian army has only two brigades armed with S-400 batteries. The Saudis insisted on making the transaction contingent on Moscow withholding the S-300 and Tor-M1 from Iran.

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