Russia sinks Georgian warship during an attack on Russian Black Sea vessels

Latest developments Sunday, Aug. 10, 08
– The Russian claim to have sunk a Georgian warship in the Black Sea during an attack on Russian vessels is not confirmed.
– Moscow rejected Georgia’s appeal for a ceasefire, demanding its unconditional withdrawal from the breakaway South Ossetia, now controlled by superior Russian forces.
– US planes have begun flying Georgian troops home from Iraq.
– They have nowhere to land after Russian air raids of Tbilisi international airport.
– Israel follows the US and NATO in recognizing Georgia’s territorial integrity.
– Abkhazia has decreed a 10-day state of war with Georgia.
– Russia has bombarded two Georgian villages in secessionist Abkhazia’s Kodori Gorge.
– UN Security Council convenes Sunday for third bid to formulate a ceasefire resolution.
– The Red Cross reports 40,000 people have been displaced from their homes in Russian-Georgian conflict.
– Georgia “temporarily” pulled troops out of South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali but remains in the breakaway region.
– Saakashvili offers Moscow an immediate ceasefire to stop “this madness.”
– An additional 10,000 Russian troops have entered the region.
– Russian Black Sea warships were ordered to block weapons delivery by sea to Georgia and support Abkhazian rebellion.
– Georgia says Russia dropped three bombs on military airfield near the capital, Tbilisi.
– Tbilisi has asked the US to mediate in the crisis.
Latest developments Saturday, Aug. 9, 08
– The UN Security Council fails again to agree on South Ossetia ceasefire.
– More Russian troops head to the embattled region. Russian Black Sea naval ships approach the coast of Abkhazia.
– Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin arrives in North Ossetia.
– The Georgian president says his forces have repelled attacks in Abkhazia
– The foreign minister of Georgia’s second breakaway province Sergei Shamba said earier Abkhazian forces have launched air and artillery strikes to oust Georgian troops.
– Russian jets earlier bombed Georgian positions in Abkhazia’s Kodori Gorge.
– Medvedev tells Bush only way out of crisis is for Georgian troops to pull out of the conflict zone.
– Georgia claims shooting down of 10 Russian planes, destroying 30 tanks.
– Tbilisi parliament approves 15-day state of war and martial law.
– President Shaakashvili calls for a ceasefire.
– Bush said Georgia is a sovereign nation whose territorial integrity must be respected. Russia must stop bombing Georgian towns.
– He called on Russia and Georgia to stand their armies down, withdraw to the Aug. 6 status quo and support international mediation.
– Some 100,000 Russian troops are deployed to the troubled region.
– They include special forces from Moscow trained in combat behind enemy lines.
– They have taken the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali and are spreading across the region.
– All men aged 18-50 called to reserve duty as Georgia recalls 1,000 troops from Iraq.
– Russian fighters continue to pound the Georgian town of Gori.
– Local hospitals are overflowing with casualties. The region’s power, water and telephones are cut off.
– 30,000 refugees have fled the embattled region into Russia.
– Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov warned Georgia’s arms suppliers they will be held accountable for the South Ossetia situation.
debkafile‘s sources say this is directed at the United States and Israel.
– The two-day death toll in South Ossetia combat is estimated at 1,600.
– Russian jets struck Georgia’s Black Sea port of Poti, hitting container tanks, a naval base and military logistical center near a major pipeline from Baku.

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