Russians and Israelis Fly Alone over Syria

In a weird quirk of the Syrian conflict, all foreign air traffic flying over Syria has been suspended excepting over its eastern edge, but for Russian and Israeli warplanes. The US, Britain, France and Turkey initially discontinued their air strikes when Russia posted the fearsome S-400 anti-air missile system Syria in the wake of the downing of its warplane by Turkey.
This week, some Western air strikes were resumed, but only after circling around to strike from the east.
Even Bashar Assad takes care to consult the Russians before ordering aerial missions.
DEBKA Weekly’s military sources report that Israel received the personal go-ahead from President Vladimir Putin to carry out air strikes over Syria without fear of interference by Russian missiles or jets.
This secret deal also provided for Russian jets to stay clear of Israeli airspace and maintain a 10km distance from its flights. But in the event of Russian infringements in the course of operations, Israeli air defenses and warplanes promised not to react
This week, Israeli warplanes were reported to be bombing a Syrian-Iranian-Hizballah position at Fleita in the Qalamoun Mountains on the Lebanese border. Our sources confirm an Israeli over-flight did occur, without however any bombardments.

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