Salafists kill 15 Egyptian Sinai troops, are stopped crashing Israeli border

The Israeli Air Force struck APCs seized by Sinai Salafis from the  Egyptian “Tahrir Square” post Sunday night, Aug. 5, after one had crashed through the Kerem Shalom border terminal into Israel.. First, the gunmen blew up the Egyptian post, killing at least 15 Egyptian commandos, injuring many and kidnapping an unknown number, before seizing the two APCs and heavy weapons. debkafile:’s counter-terror sources:  A Sinai-based Islamist cell appears to have retaliated for the first time to an Israeli counter-terror operation in the Gaza Strip by attacking Egyptian military personnel.
Aside from retaliation, their purpose seems to be to loosen Egyptian and Israeli security control of their respective sides of the frontier.
The attack on the Egyptian position came shortly after dozens of missiles and mortar shells rained down from the Gaza Strip on the Eshkol region. No one was hurt in the initial volley. Residents were told to stay indoors as Israeli tank guns firing into the Gaza Strip pounded the sources of the fire.
During the day, an Israeli air force craft struck two motorcyclists, members of the radical Popular Resistance Committees, in Rafah. One was killed. They were identified as responsible for the June 18 shooting attack from Sinai which killed one of the workmen on the Israel-Egyptian border fence.

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