Saudi King Abdullah Blames Obama

As Saudi army, security forces and intelligence are steeled for their worst fears to come true on Friday, March 11, the Day of Rage promised by Sunni opposition elements and Shiite leaders, King Abdullah bitterly blames the oil kingdom's troubles on Iranian belligerence and US President Barack Obama's perfidy.
The Saudi monarch will not forgive President Obama in a hurry for ousting his friend and ally Hosni Mubarak as president of Egypt.
He has a large bone to pick with him on five counts:
1. Washington ignored Saudi intelligence reports that the unrest in Bahrain against King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah was not just a spontaneous uprising of disaffected Shiites and pro-democracy forces but fired by Iranian intelligence.
2. Nonetheless, Abdullah managed to calm the storm of protest by brokering a compromise deal between the Bahraini throne and the protesters. But when the protest leaders asked US officials whether to accept it, they were answered with hemming and hawing – thereby, says Riyadh, encouraging them to reject the deal and opening the door for the uprising to rage on and infect Shiite coreligionists in the Saudi oil regions.
3. The dozens of Saudi tanks called in to defend the Bahraini throne in Manama were put in an impossible position by the American dithering which ignited the flare-up of new protests.
4. Abdullah has warned senior princes not to rely on the Americans for help if Saudi Arabia suffers the same disturbances as Bahrain.
5. He has transmitted the same warning to fellow Arab rulers. In a conversation with Jordan's King Abdullah II, the 88-year old Saudi monarch advised him not to count on the United States rescuing him from domestic uprisings. He would do better to ask Israeli security and intelligence to help defend his throne.

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