Secret Helsinki deal: US & Israel hand Russia controlling role along Syria’s Israeli, Jordanian borders

The scandal over President Donald Trump’s defense of President Vladimir Putin against US intelligence at the Helsinki press conference – for which he, sort of, apologized – served him too as a distraction from a momentous military-intelligence deal the two presidents secretly contracted at their summit, with Israel’s approval.
DEBKAfile has obtained exclusive access to this deal and can reveal for the first time that it provides for the handover to Russian responsibility of all parts of southern and southwestern Syria abutting on the Israeli and Jordanian borders, including, most importantly, surveillance and observation elevations that oversee all parts of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean. Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu thereby gave Putin a valuable asset for boosting Russia’s military presence in Syria and the region at large.
This complicated, wide-ranging Trump-Putin-Netanyahu deal is revealed in detail in the coming issue of DEBKA Weekly out this Friday, July 20. Don’t miss this epic story. Join the DEBKA Weekly list of subscribers by clicking here.

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55 thoughts on “Secret Helsinki deal: US & Israel hand Russia controlling role along Syria’s Israeli, Jordanian borders

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:02 at 13:02

    US histrory has changed after helsinky news conference

    • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:30 at 13:30

      I love it.

      Trump sits down with Putin to de-escalate nuclear war between NATO and Russia and the left wing press hate Trump so much they want to humiliate both Presidents into conflict.

      US left wing complain about Putin but are calling for violent coup in USA.

      What happened to the left, they used to have some respect. Now they just reply on indoctrinated millennials who think people used safe spaces to get through two world wars and unspeakable genocide in the 20th century.

      • Jul 18, 2018 @ 14:53 at 14:53

        Nonsense. Left wing are made that Putin installed this moron and he refuses to admit it. Wanting to defend ones democracy does not mean one want war. This is a moronic statement. As for war, Putin has been at war nonstop since 1999. Seems to me it’s the right wing that enjoys conflict.

        • Jul 18, 2018 @ 15:25 at 15:25

          If you have some evidence that Putin “installed” Trump then you’d better call Mueller because he hasn’t found any.

          • Jul 18, 2018 @ 16:10 at 16:10

            I have evidence , that i installed ” that moron” , which referred to President Trump. Very good job by a President to finally get going and walk over all those freaks , that do not know , that there other world exist out there , that does not need liberals, feigets, women obscene rights, and needs badly structure of family , kids , and community. Liberals stand for all those values of being perverts, lonely people , with mentality of imbeciles. Good job Tramp and Putin…continue what you do …..

          • Jul 18, 2018 @ 22:07 at 22:07

            It is all HASBARA dude…….Jesuits are in control of the CIA…….we found that out long ago….and they want to after Trump like they did JFK AND RFK…….Trump is going to wipe the Vatican and Jesuits from this earth !! Israel is part of this horrid disgusting alliance !!

            Trump met Putin in secret because the JESUIT SCUM have agents within his administration !!

        • Jul 18, 2018 @ 21:59 at 21:59

          The reguler left thinks that the world is a Quaker meeting hall where you bake pies and everyone is nice.
          instead,international politics is like prison, where if you get shanked, you chanke back twice as hard and then maybe you are left alone.
          The radical left is very simple, they just hate the west, America and Israel, they will choose iran and hamas over the kurds and the jews only because they will support anyone who “stands in resistance against Americans hegemony “ chomsky textbook …., blah blah…… regardless of how repugnant this “opposition “ is.

        • Jul 18, 2018 @ 22:03 at 22:03

          @Walter ……dude over 2 million dead in Iraq on a pack of lies….we all know it was a pack of lies for ISRAEL………NOT PUTIN……Libya destroyed not PUTIN…..Syria destroyed NOT PUTIN… have stupid brass balls …….you people are not only DUMB but dangerously DUMB.. we know who wants WAR and that is the STATE OF ISISRAELHELL…… you have Russia and America ready to invade and remove the regime in Tel-Aviv……..can you not see what is going on ? Israel has got too arrogant and now they are coming for your REGIME !!

          • Jul 19, 2018 @ 5:41 at 5:41

            very funny. now go back to your pet goat. and leave the thinking to those who have an aptitude for it.

        • Jul 19, 2018 @ 22:37 at 22:37

          If you don’t even understand that you live in a Constitutional Republic, how can expect you understand more complex issues.

      • Jul 18, 2018 @ 14:54 at 14:54

        It’s not just the left wing, even the so called right wingers like lindsy graham resist that they never seen something like this before.
        Handing over heart of middle east to russia isn’t heroic. And russia manage to stay bot only in syria, even in iraq.
        The only group who enjoyed trump policy was israel (becouse of Jerusalem and iran neuclear deal) but even they shocked this time, because who are russians to control borders in those so called de escalation areas?
        They say even the brocken clock shows the time correctly two time a day. I think trump is something like that

    • Jul 21, 2018 @ 6:57 at 6:57

      Yes Israel is about to get it up the backside really hard. Lol

      Trump is the new Judas and he will mess you up. Everything he touches dies.

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:05 at 13:05

    Just another fine day in the Middle East in the making————-stay tuned!

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:19 at 13:19


    • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:34 at 13:34

      I think its kinda cute to have Russians on the border in Syria while Israel can fly overhead and bomb the crap out of Iran.

      Russia want their warm water ports. That and local stability is more important to them than what Hexxbollah and Iran want. Nasrallah just lost his ability to pick a fight with Israel, because if he does the Russians will deal with him….so they don’t loose their ports in the cross-fire of IDF action in Lebanon.

      Now just the nukes to worry about in Iran.

      On the big stage this just took out Iranian land invasion of Golan and Hexx rocket attacks from Lebanon. Trumpy did deal for IDF and US to take out Iranian nuclear if they don’t give it up.

      • Jul 18, 2018 @ 17:12 at 17:12

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  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:22 at 13:22

    You can now expect many more Russian recon drones to “accidentally” cross into Israel.

    • Jul 18, 2018 @ 18:52 at 18:52

      Absolutely…and they love Hamas more than their own not neglect

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:23 at 13:23

    Not good….!
    Telling the wulf to watch the sheep – not good, Bibi, not good…!
    This is actually a very dangerous deal !
    Israels defense can not be delegated – this is irresposible !

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:26 at 13:26

    The public is never informed of true behind-the-scene information. It would seem that the explanation for these inexplicable events is hidden in the information not being made public. Whatever it is, it certainly fuels the kind of speculation offered by former CIA Director John Brennan. Whatever it is, it would seem to give Mr. Putin an advantage in getting what he wants. There are powerful forces at work in the spiritual realm acting against the interests of the US and Israel. Pray for the peace of Israel. Peace.

    • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:45 at 13:45

      I particularly like the last third of your comment. Those “powerful forces” are the God of Israel and His heavenly host, and the things we’re watching unfolding in front of us have basically to do with Dan. 8 & 11, also Ez. 38 and several other relevant parts of the Scripture.

      • Jul 18, 2018 @ 21:25 at 21:25

        Ezekiel 38-39 will not be occurring for many years to come – likely not in our lifetimes. When one attempts to understand prophecy that is yet to come, it is necessary to carefully study and seek the whole counsel of God. In this case, the whole counsel of God is other connecting passages of scripture that reveal a more complete picture of end-time events. Only when the other pieces are considered as a whole is the first sentence of this paragraph seen as true.

        It does not necessarily follow that “…the God of Israel and His heavenly host…” are acting against the interests of the US and Israel. That was not the implication put forth. Peace.

        • Jul 19, 2018 @ 7:24 at 7:24

          Gog is not going to have an opinion on whether he wants to go south or not. He’ll be dragged down there by the collar by none other than the God of Israel Himself: “And I will turn you about and PUT HOOKS INTO YOUR JAWS, and I will bring you out…” (v. 4 cf. 39:2). Powerful imagery, ain’t it. Definitely not something in the present-day mostly-secular & still-unrepentant Israel’s best ‘interests’, nor in the rapidly backsliding-from-God America’s either. God rules in the Kingdoms of men and without Him nothing at all will happen anywhere in the world (Dan. 4:32,35; Pro. 21:1; Is. 45:7; 2Kin. 19:25; Rom. 9:17 etc.).

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:35 at 13:35

    Just another footstep closer to the Ezekiel 38..king of the North alliance arriving to cover the land of Israel…see38:9 & 15 & 18. The West will wonder what’s happened…Tarnish & the young lions ( Britain & the Commonwealth) see 38:13…but God sorts the problem…see 38:23. These events could never have happened 5/10/50/100 years ago…What’s God’s intention…now read 37:21-28. This ancient prophecy will be fulfilled after Israel is a nation again and after God determines the boundaries of the nation’s as we see in preparation now. When we read David…insert Jesus, son of David.
    Israel will be brought to it’s knees..another Anosh, you could say…but to the end that they understand that Yahweh,their G_d is fighting their battles for the last time before Jesus becomes their recognised saviour.
    These writings have been declaring these events for 2500 years. Now read Ezekiel 39:21..finally all nations will recognise God for his power and the world/all religions will see a New Age…Psalm 72. Will we turn our backs on Him again? can make sense when we look to His Message and understand it for ourselves

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:36 at 13:36

    If true , very bad,bad deal.( number two after the Iran deal ).Looking out for number 3.

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:44 at 13:44

    Trump is a genius and has more courage than all the previous Presidents combined. He knows how to deal and to do so quickly and in important ways. He is up against very evil people who are not used to being out of power/control. They never figured Trump would win and so their conspiring to win the election (they even undermined their own Sanders in the process)thought that their evil deeds would never come to light – and they continue to conspire to bury the truth. The deep state cuts across both parties. They cannot get past Trump’s personality and refuse to see the positive steps he is taking to solve problems. The press is a huge rat’s nest and the big cat is coming for them. The press accuse Trump of what they are guilty of and cannot manage to do their research because the bias is so deep, so unfair and so one-sided.

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 13:55 at 13:55

    President Putin knows how to extract what he wants from the Israelis.Invitations to the parade on the Red Square,to the semifinals of the world cup, photos in Kremlin and flatterings all the way to Putin‘s way of solving the problem. In short, President Putin outsmarted everyone on Syria-Israel conflict

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 14:02 at 14:02

    Dont know? With the Russians there maybe its better. But what is the time frame though? How long will Russia be there? At least I would expect that there will be no hostiles allowed anywhere near the border or firing stuff into Israel – unless Russia in fact, becomes one of the ‘hostiles”? There is the humanitarian situation as well – with all the refugees..perhaps Russia will have to sort that out too rather than exclusively Israel’s and Jordan’s problem?

    • Jul 18, 2018 @ 14:18 at 14:18

      The “humanitarian problem” should be the responsibility of the Arab world to solve. So far the Muslims have used the refugees (the ones fleeing from the 500k corpses) in an emigration jihad to other countries and have made the crisis and collateral terrorism ours instead of theirs.

      • Jul 18, 2018 @ 19:16 at 19:16

        Lol your so dumb.

        People are getting their homes destroyed and you think its a game of age of empires.

        If you ask any muslim in real life what they want the only thibg is to work have a family and a house. They dont have aspiration for “jihad”.

        The real criminals in the story are israel and US and allies. And you already hear them barking like dogs because they couldnt have control of syria with all the money they send to arm terrorist against syrian population. And israelis are so dumb they now comment about stupid scriptures even if it is absolutely irrelevent.

        You know what holocaust is an european problem thats why its for europe who created the problem to solve it.

        Im not arab and i hate israel and how it was created. Its a fake and a counterfeit colony just stop lying and get on with true facts.

        We all know one day you are going to get kicked out of palestine because israel is the heart of the problem in the middle east and also they are all fake jews who basicly thinks its ok to be a homosexual jew like in tel-aviv haha


        • Jul 18, 2018 @ 20:35 at 20:35


        • Jul 18, 2018 @ 21:13 at 21:13

          What is more important to Muslims…to live good lives or to kill Jews? So far in their history they have put more importance on killing others and conquering their land than making better lives for themselves. Just look at the idiots in Gaza…plenty of money and materials and a permanent welfare system courtesy of the world and yet all they care about is killing and terrorizing.

          Look at Syria. Neither Israel nor USA want any control there…they just want the Muzzy savages to stop killing themselves (500k dead so far) and prevent them from killing minorities and people in other countries. Stop shifting the blame for Islamic aggression onto everyone else.

          You are an ignorant fool and need to study the 3500-year history of the Jewish indigenous people in that region and the fact that the land of Israel was much larger in the past than now and that is because the real occupiers and terrorists are the Muzzies.

          • Jul 19, 2018 @ 1:10 at 1:10

            Dude wtf…

            Im a jew and its a lie that muslims want to kill jews it is an absolute lie. The muslims where the only who didnt harm the jews and kept them safe except 1948 after israeli occupation they where kicked out. And stop talking about Gaza they are literaly assieged, under embargo and dont have an economy so stop being disgusting and a liar you know the thruth. Its their duty for palestinians to spit on every disgusting zionist. Even jewish palestinian spit on israel.
            Now get real with the facts and stay in your gay homosexual disgusting fake jew tel-aviv until arabs come back and kick you back to europe and remove the homosexuality that you pigs bring to the sacred land.

            Peace, by a real jew that spit on israel

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 14:36 at 14:36

    Very sad world affairs that it seems safer to have russkies on the border, rather then the jew hating UN

    • Jul 18, 2018 @ 14:46 at 14:46

      Yes, the UN was Hezbollah’s best friend in Lebanon (and so was Obama) and helped them to gain power and take over Lebanon entirely. The UN and EU and the Democratic Party are the deep state that Trump is dealing with, step-by-step. Wish him strength and success.

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 14:51 at 14:51

    Now that Israel has Russia on its border, isn’t it time up for the Gog Magog war mentioned in Ezekiel 38?

    • Jul 18, 2018 @ 15:16 at 15:16

      …Have mentioned (on more than one occasion,) that the “Gog and Magog” final confrontation,
      as envisioned by our great prophets of Old – IS upon the Middle East already: and it is only a short while,
      before the actual military actions (increasingly horrifying) would commence…

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 14:55 at 14:55

    As i expected. Give Syria to Russia, they love hot weather locations. Welcome to Syria, a Russian vacation resort in the ME. Drunken Russians instead of suicidal terrorists. Good deal.

    • Jul 18, 2018 @ 15:15 at 15:15

      I do not trust Russia – they have been supporting Israel’s enemies with weapon for 60 years and continue to help Islamists by allying themselves with Iran. I agree that it would be much better to have them on the border than Muslim terrorists or Iranian Revolutionary Islamic Guard but they are not our friends, and, as Trump said, they are competitors.

      • Jul 18, 2018 @ 17:06 at 17:06

        Of course Russia is still troublesome, but as you said it is better to have them on the border than terrorists. Hamas, Hisbollah or ISIS, all the same shit. No peace with terrorists.

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 15:26 at 15:26

    United States no longer has oil interest in the middle east. Obama and Hillary’s plan to run a Saudi pipeline through Syria is no more. Why hang out and spend money and lives which no longer serve a strategic or economic interest. It will now become Russia’s money pit.

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 15:35 at 15:35

    This is like giving the keys of the National Blood Bank to Dracula

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 16:05 at 16:05

    In the near future, the issue will be Gaza. The “deal” for Southern Syria is something the Iranians will not agree to, but they may not say anything in the open. My concern is why General Soleimani abruptly cancelled his pep talk to Hamas? If the plan was to have Hamas step up the pressure while the Iranian backed forces moved on to the Southern Syria fence with Israel, then Moscow turned this event off. Just how well did that go over in Tehran? The Old Men there need a distraction for the public and I think they were about to give it to them with a limited conflict in Southern Syria, one that would not impact Iran’s land. Now what? What do the Iranians do? Just sit and take orders from Moscow? I don’t think so.

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 16:16 at 16:16

    yes to other simuler comments ,thats why god is against russia ez 38v1 & fullfilling gods will putin as some say in russia one off the most dangerous men around, as many know in russia ez 38&9 coming onto the mountains will be there end

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 16:17 at 16:17

    This is good new at least there is a smart intelligent group on the border who can separate the bull from the bulls@*t and their presence alone will be a calming influence, namely because both sides will have to be more calculated in their actions I will bet 10 bucks now you will see the Iranian presence slow dwindled down to nothing soon after that the US will dissipate too although with the Americans they are generally not as smart or intelligent as the rest and see things as winning or losing rather than give and take?

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 16:42 at 16:42

    What a total crock of horse hooey.

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 17:41 at 17:41

    Dear Mr President. You came to power by the Will of the King and Creator of the world, HKB”H, through miracles. You were chosen to be the savior of Esav, bring Esav to repents and to support the Jews in Israel without any reservations. As long as you do that the USA will be blessed. Thus I would like to quote you (Faith and Freedom Coalition gathering on June 8, 2017):

    “If we stay devoted to our Creator our best days are yet to come”.

    And if not, if you present any plan implying the division of the Land or Jerusalem, the King and Creator of the world, HKB”H will Bring you down like He Raised you. You, the closest to you, the USA will be cursed and you and they will all fall into a deep abyss of no return. You have surely noticed the warning signs – never has a president had some much domestic public opposition and also international.

    We all know that any so called peace plan will require the division of the Land of Israel. The King and Creator of the world and Guardian of Israel, HKB”H, the Owner of the world will not allow this to happen any more. So call back your team and bury your plans. Anyone who will put forward a peace plan that will even hint a division of the Holy Land, for Israel to give away even a grain of its soil for “peace” will suffer G’d’s judgment and wrath.

    Senior U.S. officials involved in drafting your Middle East peace plan pushed back on claims from Palestinian leadership and from some officials in Europe that the plan will be biased in favor of Israel. One official said, “Our peace plan is not a ‘Bibi plan,'” referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Trump, the officials said, had insisted that US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was not meant to prejudge the outcome of future negotiations on that issue or others between the two sides. Another argument that your aides will likely make to Palestinians is that having granted Israel recognition of its claim to Jerusalem, the US leader might now have more leverage for seeking concessions later on from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the US official said.

    Now, according to a front-page New York Times report on Nov. 12, the administration is preparing what it considers to be an “ultimate deal” between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

    This ultimate deal is suicidal to Israel. You dispatched your Court Jews. Kushner, Greenblatt and Friedman to Israel to convince (force it upon) Israel, c”v. Your emissaries spied the Land and came back with a false report. They termed Israel’s enemies as giants and featured the Hebrews as grasshoppers.

    If the reported provisions of the plan are true, the your “deal of the century” would be the “disaster of the century.” Your reputation as Israel’s greatest friend would be destroyed.

    Bolton holds that so called Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza—which he called “bits and pieces of the collapsed Ottoman Empire” with “no particular history either of national identity or of economic interdependence”—should be ceded respectively to Jordan and Egypt.

    And about Jerusalem and the embassy move. It doesn’t alter the facts on the ground. You have still long to go to comply to the expectations of G’d. Not many are familiar with the wording of the US Embassy Jerusalem and Recognition Act.
    Current wording in the US Embassy Relocation Act would move the embassy to Jerusalem — but deprive Israel of sovereignty in Jerusalem.

    That’s right: the bill does not officially recognize Jerusalem as part of Israel.

    Spokespeople for the US State Department have made it clear that under ​current law, even if the US embassy moves to Jerusalem, US birth and death certificates will still be stamped “​Jerusalem” — with no country listed.

    You have offered your recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State but with a caveat:
    The specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem are subject to final status negotiations,” [U.S.] officials said.

    This, in other words, is you are saying that Jerusalem is for sale, a property that can be negotiated. Whether or not Israel agrees.

    In what universe is this friendship?

    Hence, please Mr President do what G’d expects you to do and you will go down in history as the greatest president and you will have success in all your doings. On the other hand, as said here earlier, if you present any plan implying the division of the Land and or Jerusalem, the King and Creator of the world, HKB”H will Bring you down like He Raised you. You, the closest to you, the USA will be cursed and you and they will all fall into a deep abyss of no return.

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 18:42 at 18:42

    I see a classic pincer strategy developing to recapture the Golan. Hezbollah from Lebanon heading East. Iranian fro Quneitra heading West.

    Add Increased trouble from Hamas and Israel will be thoroughly tested.

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 18:58 at 18:58

    Hamas = the Kremlin. It could be that personally Putin is a bit smarter… Expect to be killing Russians very shortly. Btw the guys in the Kremlin have no objections to that, its part of the game of chess.

    • Jul 18, 2018 @ 20:02 at 20:02

      The Russian people will not forgive Putin for inserting their sons into the Middle East hell.

  • Jul 18, 2018 @ 20:41 at 20:41

    It wasn’t given to Russia for nothing, it’ll be interesting to see what Russia gives up in exchange.

  • Jul 20, 2018 @ 0:16 at 0:16

    Thanks to TrumPutin there will be:
    Peace in Syria.
    Peace between Israel and Syria.
    Iran military in Syria will then return to Iran.
    This will lead to make Gaza an independent state with a peace treaty with Israel. Gazans will be more interested to work and get a better life than to fight Israel. At present they cannot prosper so they attack Israel

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