Several civilians slightly injured when three Qassam missiles from Gaza hit Sapir College and Sderot school playground. Israeli aircraft destroy launchers, kill 2-man Jihad Islami squad

All three missiles exploded after school hours – fortunately because neither school is fortified to withstand missile attack and casualties were light although the damage was heavy. The local council head invited PM Ehud Olmert to come and see for himself why it was necessary to fortify the schools.
At the cabinet meeting in Jerusalem earlier Sunday, July 22, Olmert scathingly dismissed what he called excessive concern over the fortifying of towns targeted regularly for Palestinian missile attack from Gaza. He criticized the High Court of Justice for ordering the government to armor all schools in time for the next school year in answer to petitions. Parents of tens of thousands of schoolchildren in locations bordering on the Gaza Strip threaten to keep them home unless their classrooms are fortified. They say the authorities are slacking on the project.

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