Several more killed in Afghanistan in raging Muslim riots against Muhammad cartoons after four died Monday

In the northwest, 300 protesters attacked a NATO base in Maymaneh. Sonme rioters were killed, two of the international peacekeepers were slightly wounded before British reinforcements were rushed in.
In Kabul, police clubbed stone-throwers with batons outside the Danish Mission on Tuesday. More than 3,000 protesters went on a rampage in Herat, western Afghanistan, and an estimated 5,000 people clashed with police in the town of Pulikhumi, north of Kabul. Thousands of protesters gathered in several other towns throughout Afghanistan.
Radical students hurled petrol bombs an d stones at the Danish embassy in Tehran for the second day.
Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the publication of the Prophet caricatures an Israeli conspiracy motivated by anger over the Hamas election win.
In Peshawar, Pakistan, 5,000 irate Muslims burned effigies of a cartoonist and Denmark’s prime minister on Tuesday.
In Indonesia, protests took place in at least four cities on Tuesday, and Danish citizens were advised to leave the country.
Australia closed its diplomatic mission in Ramallah, which shares the same building with the Danish Mission.
A Muslim protester who dressed as a suicide bomber at a demonstration in London has been arrested and returned to prison. He turned out to be a convicted drug dealer released on parole last year.
Palestinian rioters hurled stones at European offices in Gaza City for second attack in a week and pulled down the EU flag. In Tel Aviv, scores of Israel Muslims demonstrated outside the Danish embassy chanting “With blood we will redeem our Prophet.”

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