Shelly Dadon was murdered by the veteran Israeli-Arab terrorist group “Galilee Liberators”

Shelly Dadon, 20, from Afulah, was murdered Thursday, May 1, in a deserted wood near the Migdal Haemek industrial zone in northern Israel, by a gang of Israeli Arabs belonging to an terrorist organization called “The Galilee Liberators.” She died after multiple stab wounds were inflicted savagely on her upper torso. The killers planted clues at the scene that broadcasted their affiliation. However the local police spoke of “various lines of inquiry’ – a regular cliché they use to play down Palestinian terrorist action. At this time of year, the police prefer to avoid aggravating Arab-Jewish tensions before Israel’s national Day of Remembrance Day for the Fallen and 66th Day of Independence early next week
Shelly Dadon was on her way to a job interview in Migdal Ha’Emek. Her murderers may have shadowed her from her home in Afula to her destination, or possibly, grabbed her when she arrived. They would have been familiar with the location. In November 2009, a gang of three Israeli Arabs belonging to the same “Galilee Liberators” organization murdered Yofim Weinstein, a taxi driver from Nazareth Ilit, leaving behind similar leads to their group’s complicity.

Their organization was formed by Arabs living in northern Israel in 2002, when the Palestinian suicide bombings on Israeli towns of the Second Intifada were at their peak. In the subsequent 12 years, the Galilee Liberators developed ties with Palestinian terrorist organizations such as the extremist Popular Front, the PFLP-General Command, Hamas and Al Aqsa Brigades. Parts are allied with the Lebanese Hizballah and others with al Qaeda.

The organization has no known command hierarchy. It appears to operate through autonomous cells scattered among the northern Arab population from Acre to Safed and Nazareth. Their collaboration is limited to providing such services as hiding used weapons of assault or providing killers with hideouts.
Their preferred mode of operation is to waylay individual Israelis in quiet spots and kill them by brutal means. This is what happened to the IDF soldier Oleg Shaychat from Nazareth Ilit. Mohammed Anbatawi and Mohammed Hatib from Kafr Kana, members of the Galilee Liberators organization, kidnapped him from the Beit Rimon intersection on July 21, 2003, killed him and abandoned his body in a nearby olive orchard, after a last death blow.
Another girl, Dana Bennett, was his next victim. She like Shelly Dadon was apparently singled out and tailed to a lonely spot before she was murdered on Aug. 1, 2003.
Police spent years searching for her body. At length, in January 2005, the “Galilee Liberators” contacted the French News Agency AFP with an offer to reveal its whereabouts for the price of 1,000 Palestinian terrorists to be released from Israeli jails. Dana was finally found and laid to rest without this deal.
Then, five years ago, on Aug. 12, 2008, Ahmed Mahmoud Khatib from Kafr Manda, snatched the automatic sidearm of an Israeli security guard in the Old City of Jerusalem, opened fire and injured 10 passersby before he was caught.
debkafile’s counterterrorism sources report that this band of Galilee terrorists has over the years committed a number of attacks that were not brought to the notice of the public, such as ambushes of police vans, breaking into IDF bases to vandalize equipment and steal arms, tracking IDF movements in the North and passing information on to allied terrorist organizations on the West Bank and Lebanon.

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