Six major powers agreed Thursday on a mild new UN sanctions resolution against Iran for its nuclear program

The draft proposes a ban on Iranian arms exports (not imports) an assets freeze on individuals and firms involved in Tehran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs and a call (not mandatory) to nations and institutions to bar new grants or loans. President Ahmadinejad said the measures would not sway his country.
debkafile adds: The text was shorn of the tough provisions sought by the United States. And anyway, Iran has put in place a battery of counter-measures for circumventing even these soft sanctions.
For years (1991-2003), Tehran took careful note of certain world powers’ tricks for busting UN sanctions against Iraq and keeping a defiant Saddam Hussein on his feet. Iran’s rulers have since developed their own ruses. One is based on Tehran’s successes in acquiring nuclear and missile technology on the black market. Thousands of Iranian straw companies have been established overseas, capable of supplying all their needs, while also fronting for the Revolutionary Guards’ vast smuggling enterprise.

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