Tehran taps Nasrallah as strongman for reforming Lebanon as second Iran

If Lebanon’s March 8 bloc headed by Hizballah wins Lebanon’s election Sunday, June 7, as it fully expects, its sponsors in Tehran have big plans for Hizballah’s leader, the fiery Hassan Narallah, to become strongman, charged with establishing a second Iran and remodeling Hizballah on the lines of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.
The two candidates for prime minister are Parliament Speaker Nabih Beri, leader of the Shiite Amal movement, and Abdullah Miqtay, a very good friend of Syrian president, Bashar Assad, with whom Tehran will share the spoils of defeating the pro-Western bloc led by Saad Hariri and incumbent prime minister Nouri Siniora.
Whichever wins to job, the prime minister, government and its ruling mechanisms will all be reduced to rubber stamps for the will of the new national overlord, Hassan Nasrallah, and ultimately Tehran.
Their putsch, executed in the guise of a democratic election, will gradually force Lebanon, in all its walks of life – government, army, police, intelligence, education, religion and civil rights – into the molds of their counterparts in the Revolutionary Republic of Iran. In time, the large and vibrant pro-Western Christian community, which gives Lebanon its multi-religious, cosmopolitan character, will emigrate leaving behind a tame satellite of the ferociously radical Iran.
The Christian community is alive to the threat. Saturday, June 6, in an effort to rally Christian voters to turn out in force, the Maronite Christian Patriarch Nasrallah Butros Sfeir warned that Lebanon faces a threat to its very existence as an Arab entity.
debkafile‘s Middle East sources dismiss the predictions in Riyadh, Cairo, Washington and Paris that the election will produce a national unity government. They are offering castles in the air to distract attention from their failure to halt the galloping Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah momentum for seizing control of Lebanon.
It is too late now to stop Nasrallah’s rise to the top or Lebanon’s decline as the first Arab country to have fallen in the hands of Iran and a terrorist organization because none of Iran’s opponents were determined enough to stop this happening.

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