Tehran wants death penalty for three more “Israeli spies”

Amid rising Iranian-Israel tensions, state prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi charged Tuesday, Nov. 25 that the three accused spies had been trained in Tel Aviv and three other Middle East countries “in assassinations, explosions, professional motorbike riding and working with special cameras, computers and satellites.”
debkafile: The mounting spymania in Tehran is part and parcel of Iran’s escalating intelligence and propaganda war against Israel.
The Mossad was said to have contacted the first member, a former member of the basij (popular militia of the Revolutionary Guards) “through an Israeli consulate in the region.” He was arrested five to six months ago with a satellite telephone, a GPS, a laptop and an oscilloscope.
He said the alleged spies had been caught before they began operating and said he would seek the death sentence for all three.
The officers said to have trained the trio were named as “Peter, Sami, Zaki and Khosrow.”
debkafile‘s Iranian sources note that the Iranian prosecutor made a point of mentioning “professional motorbike riding. Revolutionary Guards special forces are especially trained to liquidate enemies of the Islamic regime by using motorbike for assassinations. Monday, Revolutionary Guards chief, Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari said his intelligence unit had a spy ring gathering information on Iran’s nuclear program and military and security officials.
The first “Israeli spy” depicted by Tehran’s propaganda channels was Ali Ashtari, an electronics salesman, alleged Saturday to have been executed six days earlier as an Israeli spy.
His “case” was “exposed” the day after the UN nuclear watchdog affirmed that Iran had stocked enough enriched uranium to begin assembling its first A-bomb.

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