Terrorist kills at least 13 in Barcelona car attack

On of the terrorists  who crashed a van into crowds on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas Blvd Thursday, Aug, 17 killing at least 13 people and injuring 56, was reportedly captured holding diners hostage in a nearby restaurant. Ten of the injured are in serious condition. The hostages were led out with raised hands. 
The captured terrorist was identified by Spanish TV as a Spaniard of Moroccan descent. It was reported that he was with one or two more suspects who rented two vans for their combined attack on the Catalan city packed with August holidaymakers, including many families, and the restaurant. The police have set up roadblocks to capture one or more accomplices on the run..

The Spanish police have clamped a shutdown on information. 

debkafile reported earlier:
A white van went careering down the Las Ramblas Blvd in central Barcelona Thursday, Aug. 17.crashing into crowds in massive terror attack which killed at least 13 people and injured dozens. Police are hunting for the driver and another man who fled on foot, and may be holed up nearby. A few minutes later, two armed men entered a restaurant.

The local police said the incident still unfolding is a terrorist attack.  Police have cordoned off the area and shut down the local metro and rail stations. The public has been herded into buildings. The Chief Rabbi of Barcelona reported that the police have ordered all Jewish institutions in the city to close for the emergency and redoubled their guard.

The local shops have shuttered into lockdown mode. There is no further information about the combined terrorist attack. There are also reports of a live hostage incident and gunshots at a Turkish restaurant near the scene. 
According to another report, posted on Twitter, The van hit people outside Barcelona's Kosher restaurant, Maccabi, but also in a much wider area. 



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