Terrorists murder Israeli policewoman in Jerusalem

Three terrorists carried out a knifing-shooting attack Friday night at two points near the Damascus Gate at Jerusalem’s Old City. A female Border Police officer, Hadas Malka, 22, was stabbed and died after a few hours in hospital. She was on guard duty.  Another four people were wounded, two moderately and two with minor injuries. The three assailants were shot dead.

Jerusalem police chief Yoram Halevy reported that all three terrorists were Palestinians who came from outside the capital without permits. Two were from Ramallah and one from Hebron. e described the attack as beginning when two attackers jumped out of ht Cave of Zedekiah near Damascus Gate shooting and wielding knives against a police patrol. The police quickly neutralized the assailants. A number of passers-by were injured and taken to hospital.
In a synchronized attack nearby a third terrorist stabbed the girl police officer. He too was shot by security officers at the scene. Commander Halevy confirmed that the terrorists used an automatic rifle. He announced that in consequence of the attack, security restrictions would be tightened up on Palestinian movements for the remainder of the Muslim Ramadan Festival that ends in ten days time.

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