The Muslim Extremists of Nalchik Got Weapons from the Gulf

President Vladimir Putin‘s Kremlin office sent secret messages to Washington and all the Persian Gulf Emirs this week, excluding Oman and Saudi Arabia. They contained a protest coupled with a demand. He called on them all to pitch in and help him fight off the Muslim extremist revolt in the Caucasian republics of southern Russia.

Investigation of the recent offensive mounted by these extremists against Russian military and government targets in Nalchik, capital of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, disclosed that their weapons and funds had come from Persian Gulf sources.

The Kremlin made up a list of the rebels’ radical Muslim suppliers in the Gulf with details of their covert activities as recruiters, middlemen for the organization of weapons shipments and fundraisers for the Muslim terrorist cells causing disturbances in Karbardino-Balkar, Ingushetia, North Osettia, Dagestan and Krachai-Cherkesia. The Russians also have the exact names of the supporters of the Chechen rebellion.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s counter-terror sources report that in its letters, Moscow offered to send out to each emirate a team of anti-terror experts and Russian prosecutors to present the lists to the competent authorities and proofs of their nationals’ involvement in aiding Russian Muslim extremists. The Russians entertained slim hopes of gaining their extradition to Moscow. At least, they would want to interrogate the suspects.

Since the Kremlin expected to be rebuffed, the letters ended by invoking UN Security Council 1540 which requires any state aware of supporters of terrorists operating on its soil to detain them and confiscate any assets in their possession destined for transfer to terrorists or the funding of terrorist operations.

None of the emirates Moscow addressed has so far responded.

In the letter to Washington, the Kremlin appeals for its endorsement for placing the violent Caucasian Muslim groups on the United Nations list of terrorist organizations.

Our sources report that in private conversations with their Western counterparts, Russian intelligence officials are voicing extreme anxiety about the shaky situation in the Caucasian republics. Russian anti-terror experts are reporting the first Iranian incursions to the region. They fear the ayatollahs may be aiming at more than Islamic penetration of southern Russia and even eying a leap further north up the Volga into Russia’s heartland. They are beginning to believe that the ultimate purpose of the radical Muslim elements of the region and their foreign allies is to break the Muslim republics away from the Russian federation and effectively sever the country into two parts.

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