Three dead, nearly 70 injured in terrorist bulldozer rampage in downtown Jerusalem

In a rampage along Jerusalem’s crowded Jaffa Street thoroughfare, a bulldozer driven by a terrorist hoisted and overturned a packed 13 bus, while extending its shovel and plowing into several vehicles and pedestrians.
The victims were Elizabeth Goren-Friedman, 54, Bathsheva Onterman, 33, and Zen Raluay, 68, all from Jerusalem.
Bathsheva saved her six-month old baby’s life by passing her out of her car window before the oncoming earthmover crushed her to death.
The father is missing and may have been in the same car.
The bulldozer driver was tackled and shot dead by two policemen and a passing off-duty soldier. They clambered onto the careering vehicle and, while the policeman wrestled the terrorist to remove his foot from the gas pedal, the soldier shot him in the head. They stopped the carnage 200 meters short of Jerusalem’s big open air market and so averted a potential massacre.
The terrorist was 30-year old Hosam Dwayyat, father of two, a Palestinian from Tsur Bachar, one of the Arab villages of Jerusalem, who had a two-year sentence for rape and assault in his record. He was employed in one of the road works underway to prepare the thoroughfare for a light railway line.
The attack was claimed by a Hizballah-sponsored terrorist group called the Galilee Liberation Brigades. Hamas denied responsibility for the attack while justifying it.
The killer was able to move around freely and work in Jerusalem on a resident’s ID. Another Jerusalem Palestinian carried out the last deadly attack in the capital, killing 8 students and injuring 9 in a shooting spree at the Mercaz Harav yeshiva on March 7.

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