Three suicide bombers hit Istanbul airport, 41 dead

Two or three suicide bombers attacked the domestic and international terminals at Istanbul’s Ataturk international airport on Tuesday night, leaving at least 41 dead and 230 injured. One bomber blew himself up outside the international departures terminal and the other blew himself up outside the terminal for domestic flights. One of them opened fire with a Kalashnikov rifle before detonating his bomb. Witnesses said a third bomber threw a grenade and then exploded. The airport, the biggest in Turkey, has been cleared and air traffic redirected.

It is still not clear whether ISIS or the PKK Kurdish underground was responsible for the attack. Turkey is under constant terror threat from both.       
DEBKA file notes that June 28 is the second anniversary of the establishment of the “Islamic caliphate” in Syria and Iraq and the self-appointment of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as its head. The first reaction to the attack from US intelligence sources was that ISIS was on record as having threatened more attacks on airports after Brussels.

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