Top US, Russian generals fail to agree on Syrian-Israel, Syrian-Jordanian borders

At issue is the presence of Hizballah and other pro-Iranian units in growing numbers – disguised as Syrian troops – opposite Israel’s borders, DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources report. Under the command of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, these units are being “absorbed” into the Syrian army as a ploy for supporting claims by Damascus and Tehran that no Iranian troops are present in Syria at all – only “Iranian military advisers.” Russian officers posted in Syria were apparently told not to interfere in this process.

Our military sources find Hizballah units deployed at the Mt. Hermon border town of Al Khadar opposite Israeli outposts, and the pro-Iranian Afghan Shiite militia (Liwa Ahu Fadi al-Abbas) positioned around Qunetra opposite Israel’s Golan border, under the command of Iranian Revolutionary Guards IRGC) officers.  These Hizballah troops are clad in the uniforms of the Syrian army’s 4th and 5th Syrian divisions, while the Afghan militiamen are wearing the uniforms, boasting the insignia, and driving the vehicles, some armored, of the Syrian presidential Republican Guard.

These details expand on DEBKAfile’s first exclusive disclosure of this trick disguise. We broke the story on May 31, a few hours before Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman was due to meet his Russian counterpart Gen. Sergei Shoigu in Moscow. We revealed then for the first time that Iranian IRGC and Hizballah units in the regions of Quneitra, the Daraa border with Jordan, and Mt. Hermon were all clad in Syrian army uniforms. This subterfuge was intended to dodge around Israel’s flat objections to their presence in its back yard. Moscow hoped that Washington would buy it.
On Saturday, June 9, the Wall Street Journal repeated DEBKAfile’s discovery of Hizballah fighters disguised as Syrian troops nearing Israel’s border.

The report came after the meeting on Friday, June 8, between Gen. Joseph Danford, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Russian General Staff chief Gen. Valery Gerasimov in Helsinki. The two generals discussed their respective military arrays in Syria, the situation in the de-escalation zones along its borders with Jordan and Israel and the military situation in Ukraine. No communique was issued after the meeting.  DEBKAfile discloses, however, that Gen. Danford showed Gen. Shoigu the intelligence he had received about the Syrian uniform con practiced by Syria and Iran to pretend that the pro-Iranian troops taking up positions along Syrian’s southwestern borders were part of the Syrian army.
According to our information, the two generals parted without reaching a consensus on the military situation in Syria, especially for those border regions.


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60 thoughts on “Top US, Russian generals fail to agree on Syrian-Israel, Syrian-Jordanian borders

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 14:02 at 14:02

    So bomb them…the fuck you waiting for

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:12 at 15:12

      How about American and Israeli units wear the uniforms of free Syrian terrorist Army or Kurds ,or British wearing white helmets together with dutch and French . How about Jordanian Army wearing Israeli uniforms, and Israeli Army wearing African unity Army uniforms . To conclude how come Ethiopians wear Israeli uniforms and Eritrea wearing Ethiopian ????You should know that Israeli Arabs wearing Israeli, Lebanese and Turkish uniforms . What anyone could do about that or Hamas is Israeli supported army units , while PLO Jordanian or Egypt supported.
      Totally stupid claims and articles.

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:15 at 15:15

      Jim you have an eloquence that cannot be matched.

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:50 at 15:50

      Get naked or we will bomb you!
      I don’t think danford give a fuck about clothes of shia militias in syria, they have more important things to talk about dear debka and israel

      • Jun 9, 2018 @ 17:02 at 17:02

        They look better wearing dresses

        • Jun 9, 2018 @ 23:25 at 23:25

          Yahood iben Hanazir Quote On Jun 9, 2018…..”They look better wearing dresses!”

          The Terrorists sponsor by Iran are known to hide behind Women Skirts, Children Shields, and in Red Crescent Ambulances and this was proven by how ISIS, Taliban, and Al-Qaeda did the same things. In spite of such tactics they are on the run and still hiding in Caves and Losing Battle after Battle as Allah doe not support them for doing that to Women and Children.

          • Jun 10, 2018 @ 3:13 at 3:13

            Yes, they like wearing dresses

          • Jun 10, 2018 @ 7:14 at 7:14

            Yahood iben Hanazir, I Agree, when ISIS was running away as were the Taliban and Al-Qaeda they were often wearing Burkas dressed as Women, they looked marvelous while wearing dresses, but they are still on the run, Good Point!

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 16:11 at 16:11


    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 19:22 at 19:22

      we’re waiting for the mach twenty quasi ballistic shoulder launch version. until then, a first strike is off the table. So is any strategic strike. So basically, Forestals Carrier battle groups are scrap. Looks like the duck shoot is over, boys.

      • Jun 10, 2018 @ 1:09 at 1:09

        Mr Shi – ler sounds so Lord Haw HAw – remember him?

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 21:54 at 21:54

      they will bomb you sharmouta

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 23:36 at 23:36

      POTUS Trump and Russia’s Putin will work it out along with Advice from Israel’s Bibi. Sooner not later Iran’s Billionaire Ayatollahs behavior will be removed nonetheless. Exporting Terror, Funding Proxies Wars instead of benefiting the Persian People will not prevail. The Billionaire Ayatollah is on Borrowed Time and Allah won’t save him and his minions for abusing The Messengers Teachings.

    • Jun 10, 2018 @ 2:20 at 2:20

      I love the smell of ionizing radiation in the morning.
      So get it on you fucking children of belial A.K.A. jews.

      • Jun 10, 2018 @ 4:43 at 4:43

        Pay heed to the prophets. When it says Israel will return, never to be uprooted again (Amos) there is no use in fighting Israel. When it says that Israel will be a fire (Ovadyah) know that you will be burned if you touch her. But alas, the enemies of Israel never heed God’s word, and so the prophecy of Damascus being a heap of ruin (Yeshayahu) will likely occur in our lifetime -if it hasn’t happened already.

        • Jun 10, 2018 @ 7:26 at 7:26

          Jehovah and Allah are agreeing and will bring Peace and Welcome between Sons of Ishmael and Issac and the Descendants from Abraham’s Families will Prevail and Prosper together. God wanted to give Avraham a double blessing, through Ishmael and through Isaac, and ordered that Ishmael’s descendants should live in the desert of Arabia and Isaac’s in Canaan. The Qur’an recognizes the Land of Israel as the heritage of the Jews and it explains that, before the Last Judgment, Jews will return to dwell there. This prophecy has already been fulfilled……”Say: ‘O God, King of the kingdom (1), Thou givest the kingdom to whom Thou pleasest, and Thou strippest off the kingdom from whom Thou pleasest; Thou endowest with honour whom Thou pleasest, and Thou bringest low whom Thou pleasest: all the best is in Thy hand. Verily, Thou hast power over all things.'”(2) [Qur’an 3:26] The Qur’an relates the words by which Moses ordered the Israelites to conquer the Land…….”And [remember] when Moses said to his people: ‘O my people, call in remembrance the favour of God unto you, when he produced prophets among you, made you kings, and gave to you what He had not given to any other among the peoples. O my people, enter the Holy Land which God has assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin.'” [Qur’an 5:20-21] The fundamentalist Muslim program to use Islam as an instrument for political warfare against Jews finds a major obstacle in the Qur’an itself. Both the Bible and the Qur’an state quite clearly that the right of the Israelites to the Land of Israel does not depend on conquest and colonization. This right flows from the will of almighty God Himself.

    • Jun 10, 2018 @ 11:16 at 11:16

      “disguised as Syrian troops” you people are so fucked in the head it is scary……….fake rocket attack, fake threats to further the Greater ISISrael Genocide……sick fucks !! World is waking up to this fact now though and it is only a matter of time.

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 14:23 at 14:23

    It looks like Assad has not gotten it yet. It might be time for him to leave permanently!

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 14:39 at 14:39

    Someone can’t figure out the borders. Always the same “someone”. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service going to strike again, and should take the Western audience’s mind off the hundreds of unarmed children being sniped..

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:32 at 15:32

      Salaam Alaikum brother Yvan!

      You are right once again, there is absolutely doubtless no Iranian military presence in Syria, only some advisers here and there. General Soleimani is there to provide advice for the brigades of advising persons.

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 14:40 at 14:40

    Sounds like an Israel problem.

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 14:51 at 14:51

      Yeah; and it’s going to take an Israeli solution-watch the world whine when THAT happens!

      • Jun 9, 2018 @ 16:53 at 16:53

        No one that can do anything about it, so let them cry… Those with the power to stay Israel’s hand in these matters, are the same handing them the rifle – 45 is going to leave his mushroom stamp on the ungrateful mullahs, both as a legacy that can’t be unwound and a backstop for negotiations with Kim Jong Un.

        No one can admit it in media, but in the real world those who “get it” see the grand strategy being played. I believed Trump would get our illegal boots off Syrian soil, but the critical choice he had to make, was to stay aligned with the Kingdom of Saud or to change direction. Staying aligned with KSA meant supporting their interests (blind eye to Yemen, continued disruptive action in Syria, defense of Jordanian monarchy). Don’t know if long term it will be the right call, but Saudi cultural liberalisation is a helpful benefit. Clintons were Saudi kiss-asses just as the Bushes taught them, but their ilk were more concerned with Industrial Defense Complex kicking back all the profits, not holding a close partner to the ideals we want to bomb into other countries (human rights, women’s in particular). Now Saud is loosening culturally, buying more defense, which keeps the InDefComplex fed and off 45’s ass, and is deepening ties with Israel which will hopefully set a precedent for Muslim majority states to recognize and normalize relations with their neighbor.

        Not trying to armchair general, I have no idea if it will rain bombs in Damascus and Tehran this summer, or if this is all theater to keep eyes here and continue to drive american and russian defense stocks ever higher, just takes on how we got to this point….

      • Jun 9, 2018 @ 23:43 at 23:43

        The Cradle of Civilization where the Inspiration of the 3 Religions in advancing One G-d calling Men and Women in producing Remarkable Personalities. It is known Last Bastion where Great Men and Women have come out from the Desert and do Unbelievable Achievements to Advance Mankind. All the Middle East must accept the impressionability of the Palestinians that have been badly misled by fellow neighbors to continue to fight, destroy, and teach youth lies about the West and Israel are accountable for their dilemma of Poverty when the Paradise of Peace and Prosperity is within all in the Middle East grasp right now. Only Fearful Leaders that choose to Look into the Past to ignore the Future undercuts their own goals of advancing mutual prosperity. The Days of Dwelling Middle East being Looted and Settling Accounts with Vendettas is as Backward Thinking that led to Sodom and Gomorrah Destruction by G-d. G-d sent that lesson to all of Mankind Sodom and Gomorrah refusing the Kindness and Exchanges that Hospitality brings to Strangers to turn them into Friends and Family. There is no longer a need guns to anyone’s back. Some call Visionaries Fools and Dreamers, G-d accept Accepts all Men and Women that welcome fellowship to all Men and Women.

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:06 at 15:06

    Wait, before everything else, where will “palestinians” go? In Syria or in Jordan?

    But, we must be absolutely clear, not all “palestinians” are to quit the occupied lands in Gaza and West Bank!

    A handful of 100 or maximum 150 families must absolutely remain grouped together around the Arab Souk market to provide a sense of original and guiding for the tourists and maintain that funny church al-Aqsa.

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:11 at 15:11

      There has to be a poetry for this too

      • Jun 9, 2018 @ 23:21 at 23:21

        ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?
        But wait! Before I say “Hello”
        I say “Goodbye”
        Palis must go
        Disoccupy the land we know
        Is Israel’s from The Most High
        ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ?

        something like that?

        • Jun 9, 2018 @ 23:29 at 23:29

          ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ?
          Goodbye goodbye;
          It was ‘nice try.
          But I say “nay”!
          Goodbye gooooooooooooodbyeeeeeeeeeeeee!
          ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:13 at 15:13

    Premtive strike on Al Khadar, Qunetra and Gaza Strip, all at the same time. Conquer Gaza and occupy. Fast and Furious.

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:20 at 15:20

    What I see is, while the two generals fail to agree, the Iranian war machine is allowed to advance to Israels border unhindered.
    This inaction speeds Israel towards war not peace.
    As far as peace goes…. ‘The wheels are coming off’
    We can see history repeating.. ‘The writing is on the wall’

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:45 at 15:45

    The Trojan Horse ploy may have worked in the past, but America, Jordan and Israel are not fooled and may help in vetting of “Syrians” allowed in “deconfliction” areas. “Syrian” IRGC speaking Farsi should return to Iran and their proxies back to their countries of origin. The Obama “Red Line in the Sand” is not the Same as President Trumps as some have already found out.

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:46 at 15:46


    They were discussing also the partition of Turkey, who takes the straits, and the republic of the Kurds.
    The Turks killed over 1 million of Armenian children, plus all elders, plus the adults.
    But wait!
    This is the massacres Turkish count, the real count is much larger.
    Why the kill?
    Armenians would not convert to Islam tells you an already old Islamic story?
    Grabbing for free the homes and belongins of millions also felt good for Turks!
    And now they deny, like nothing happend.
    With Erdogan the master chief of denial.

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 16:56 at 16:56

      How long before Turkey is tossed from NATO?

      Can anyone pinpoint the date when they removed the nukes from Incirlik? Possibly even before the “coup”?

      • Jun 9, 2018 @ 18:22 at 18:22

        Not yet officially confirmed, but the nukes are out and stored in Greece.
        It is exactly this that made Erdog bark like crazy back in May.

      • Jun 9, 2018 @ 19:17 at 19:17

        Nato needs Turkey not Turkey. Take incirlik base and nukes smash it right up ur….

    • Jun 10, 2018 @ 1:22 at 1:22

      What’s more, the Armenians are smart, high-achieving people who (to my knowledge) have never sought to expand their territory (though they have pretty well colonised Glendale, California:))), nor ever sought to convert others to their form of Christianity, by force. The Turks, by contrast, were generally bested by Lawrence and Allenby, though they fought hard and well at times. If the Turks became secular (keep the religion in the Mosque; don’t be ostentatious on the street or in Parliament) they could move mountains. However, the more they Islamise the more they mortgage the future with superstition, and have to rely on the discoveries of others to advance their medicine and technology. They could rival the best of Europe if they’d shrive themselves of the religious albatross.

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:48 at 15:48

    The russians and their political leadership plus the generality are pathetic liars and impositors. Whoever trusts the evil empire of Rosh/Russia makes a grave mistake.

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 15:58 at 15:58

    Oh dear is Israels new best friend Putin sticking it to you,You brought it on yourselves by cosying up to Russian despots to start with,

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 16:13 at 16:13


    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 22:52 at 22:52

      can’t change one’s fate by merely donning a new towel on the head.
      they are stupid, they stay stupid, and of course they die stupid.
      it is because that book with worms in it.

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 17:38 at 17:38

    Israel will do what she needs to do to survive. Israel has the strongest military in the middle east. She is the 800 pound gorilla of the middle east. With the most modern military technology made even more lethal with ingenious Israeli modifications. When the next big war happens, if Israel finally takes the kid gloves off, she will pulverize any combination of Arab armies including Iran in the mix. The only consequence Arabs and Persian dictators understand and respect is lethal brute force. And it is only brute force that will keep them from continuing to attack Israel.

    • Jun 10, 2018 @ 2:39 at 2:39

      Well 800pound gorilla is no match for a Siberian tiger so watch out for the Russian response
      and don’t count on the senile bald eagle. And by the way go metric , 362.874kg gorilla
      it makes you sound a lot less retarded.

    • Jun 10, 2018 @ 3:27 at 3:27

      Red alert
      you are not using the correct pronoun
      Israel is non binary
      Alaso more like 400lb chimp

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 17:59 at 17:59

    The agreement should include that all ISIS terrorists wearing IDF uniforms in Golan, Sheeba, Westbank should back to 1967 line.

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 18:40 at 18:40

      Any Agreement must verify that YOUR SHARMOUTA MOTHER is NOT HIV POSITIVE.

    • Jun 9, 2018 @ 18:42 at 18:42

      There is agreement but only for sharmoutas, you know it already from your father, he wears a pink burqa with a large cut down in the back.

      The ’67 line, forget about it! Can’t have it anymore, it was a one time deal, should not have rejected it first hand.

      • Jun 9, 2018 @ 19:26 at 19:26

        Jasmine- That was hysterical! LOL

        • Jun 9, 2018 @ 22:20 at 22:20

          The full text about the void 67 line is:

          …. ’bout he ’67 line, forget about it! Can’t have it anymore, it was a one time deal, should not have rejected it in the first offer. The only choice at hand you have now is your dick, dig a 2018 line into a bees hive and dip it in.

          • Jun 9, 2018 @ 22:43 at 22:43

            CORRECTION …… dig a 2018 line into a bees hive, dip it in, and count slowly 1967, 1968, 1969, and so on, all 51 years of delay.

            Their grand-grand fathers were real dumb-ass stupids to leave that chance passing by! I bet for this new offer “half of West Bank, or nothing” they will pick again the wrong answer!

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 19:57 at 19:57

    The US and Russian generals are too late. God set Israel’s borders as the Euphrates and the Nile several thousand years ago.

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 20:15 at 20:15

    Only truly donkey-brained, rag-headed creatures would “think”, they are fooling even regular people –
    (never mind the Mossad and U.S. intelligence) — by dressing their soldiers in other uniforms ..!

  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 20:54 at 20:54


  • Jun 9, 2018 @ 21:32 at 21:32


  • Jun 10, 2018 @ 0:13 at 0:13

    Never mind clown solomeo, who should warry about world cup in his putinistan.
    Back to the subject. Russians and Americans didn’t find common ground. That’s all right. Lately we’ve witnessed Israelis solving these puzzles by themselves pretty successfully

  • Jun 10, 2018 @ 3:26 at 3:26

    forget the old good idea
    Russa ( Soviet union) – USA sitting together negotiation and deciding and determining every thing
    the world of today is multi-polar and more complicated

    for example the regional powers do not care about Russia or USA

    Iran will rule over the middle east and israel will not last very long

    • Jun 10, 2018 @ 3:42 at 3:42

      Habibi, its a Bi-Polar crazy world and nothing has changed
      Regional powers will annihilate each other while the super powers get the spoils
      Iran has real enemies which are not the Yahood.

      • Jun 10, 2018 @ 4:22 at 4:22

        @ yahood bin something

        just look at the G7 Summit today then you understand the state of western world, where the falling superpower US is losing all other allies.

  • Jun 10, 2018 @ 6:46 at 6:46

    Thank god the Russians are there can you imagine what a cluster F#%K it would be in the region if a adult was absent?

  • Jun 10, 2018 @ 7:18 at 7:18

    Jasmin got it right. It’s a costume party. Those that believe in Gd don’t need or want to dress like the other type. I want to bet 100% that they will show their butts if challenged. A little green man from the Kremlin just posted above to find out if Westerners are actually cows like he has heard since he was fed piss as an infant (and still is). Just get Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem before Rosh Hashana instead of becoming slaves.

  • Jun 10, 2018 @ 12:25 at 12:25

    They are in Syrian uniforms yes, but the rank is chef. These are cooks. Their old uniforms were too hot. They will cook a mean pancake for their children. If it gets too hot, yes, they will stay out of the kitchen.

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