Trial adjourned of sole surviving Mumbai massacre suspect as India goes to polls

Mohammed Aimal Kasab, 21, a Pakistani, faces possible execution five months after a terrorist siege in which he and 10 gunmen took part killed more than 160 people. The dozen charges include murder, conspiracy to wage war and terrorism. The court adjourned after dismissing his defense lawyer over a conflict of interest. The prosecution must find a replacement before it can proceed.
The trial opened the day before 700 million Indians begin month-long polling for the lower house of parliament. Security was high on the campaign agenda following the Mumbai atrocity. New Delhi accused its neighbor Pakistan of hosting the Islamist perpetrators of the attack, which was attributed to Lashkar al-Taibe.
Tuesday, Indian Army Chief Gen. Deepak Kapoor warned that women are being trained “on the other side” to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian general did not specifically name Pakistan, but his meaning was clear.
Kapoor added no trace of the Taliban has been detected in this northern region but other Muslim organizations have infiltrated the northern state.

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