Trump bared Israel’s interception skills to Lavrov

The sensitive intelligence US President Donald Trump was accused by US media of leaking to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on May 10 allegedly came from Israel, the unnamed American “partner,” cited.

debkafile’s military and intelligence sources reveal that the classified information concerned Israel’s capabilities for intercepting operational communications and signals. This branch is one of the most sensitive and secret in the field of military intelligence. Possession of this advanced capability makes it possible to monitor the most clandestine military operations, without leaving any clue to the tracker. This interception technology is also capable of seriously disrupting the military operations of an enemy.

Until President Trump shared this information with Lavrov, the Russian military and intelligence services were not aware that Israel possessed this intelligence technology, or that it was operational. Neither were the Russians aware that Israel had let the Americans know about it. The learned all this for the first time when Lavrov and Kislyak talked to the president in the White House last Wednesday.

debkafile’s sources add: The US president’s leak of one of Israel’s most closely guarded intelligence secrets has cast a cloud on his visit next week and is likely to lead to changes in his itinerary.
The President replied to his media accusers in a two-part Twitter that he has an “absolute right” to decide whether the information he shared is classified or facts that may be shared.
Israeli security officials don’t accept this. They also dismissed US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster’s argument that it was appropriate for the president to share such information with the Russians in their capacity of America's partner in the fight against ISIS and terrorism.  

Israel officials judge the exposure of this secret technology as seriously damaging to Israel, the United States and the war on terror. An intelligence source commented Tuesday night: “Many years of hard work have gone down the drain.”

The White House declined to comment on this disclosure. Press Secretary Sean Spicer also withheld any assurance that the White House would allow lawmakers access to the transcripts of the president’s meeting with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador.


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