Turkey Secretly Pushes Middle Eastern Refugees onto Italy, France

Concerns continue to mount in Europe over the short and long-term implications of the migration of millions of Middle Easterners and Africans to the continent.
On Monday, May 16, former MI6 director Richard Dearlove warned against the EU giving millions of Turks visa-free access to Europe, comparing it to “storing gasoline next to the fire” although he said stopping migration completely is “not an option.” He predicted that many of the 1.6 million migrants who came to Europe in 2015 would soon be able to move freely within the 28 EU member states, and that millions more would arrive over the next five years.
There is also growing uncertainty over the fate of the EU’s agreement with Turkey under which Ankara will receive 3 billion euros to take back illegal immigrants from Greece. Turkish citizens may be granted visa-free travel to Europe as part of the deal. EU officials are apprehensive regarding the resignation of Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, whom European officials had hoped would ensure that the deal is implemented. On its part, Ankara is grumbling over the pace of EU payments until now.
DEBKA Weekly’s intelligence sources report that France’s CIA, the DGSE, warned French President Francois Hollande over the past few days that events taking place behind the scenes are completely different from those reported in the European media, and directly threatening France’s security.
The DGSE is considered the European intelligence agency with the best information on the mass migration from the Middle East and Africa.
The DGSE reports that in order to bypass the registration sites for refugees that the EU set up on Greek islands for sending the migrants back to Turkey, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan issued a secret order to direct the flow of refugees to Eastern Europe, especially Bulgaria and Hungary. According to the DGSE, this was aimed at pushing them towards Italy, a country already swamped with refugees from Africa and the Middle East.
The French intelligence agency reports that the first wave of these refugees has already started to reach Italy, and since the Italian government has no intention of allowing them to stay, it is transferring them immediately towards the French border. The collapse of the EU-Turkish agreement in the near future, or a decision by Erdogan not to honor it, will transform France into the main destination for more than one million Muslim refugees.
According to official French statistics, the country now has seven million Muslims. The unofficial but actual figure, however, is 12 million. If the DGSE’s prediction comes true, the Muslim population of France will officially reach over eight million, or unofficially exceed 13 million, by the beginning of 2017.
Since German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened Germany’s gates to migrants and agreed to absorb them with an enormous investment of 96 billion euros, relations between her and French President Hollande, who was opposes to her policy, have deteriorated to the point of almost no contact. The only Western leader Hollande could turn to resolve the problem was US President Barack Obama.
DEBKA Weekly’s intelligence sources say that Hollande not only turned to Obama on the issue of the stream of migrants from Turkey, but also warned him of a new wave of African refugees that will be bigger and more dangerous than the current one. This wave, from Algeria, will be covered in the another article.

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