Two more arrested in ongoing NYC terror investigation

Two men, 25-year-old Adis Medunjanin and 24-year-old Zarein Ahmedzay, were arrested Friday, Jan. 8, in connection with an ongoing inquiry into a bomb plot against New York City's mass transit system. They are suspected of being accomplices of Naijubullah Zazi, who was charged on this count a year ago in Colorado. Both suspects, the son of an Afghan-born taxi driver and a Bosnian immigrant, travelled to Pakistan in 2008.

Friday too, the Nigerian, Umar Abdulmutallab, flanked by two American lawyers, told a federal court he was not guilty of trying to blow up the Northwest Airlines jet on Christmas Day. 
Earlier this week, a grand jury indicted him on six charges. The most serious, attempted murder and the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, carry life sentences. None cited terror or al Qaeda. Abdulmutallab is quoted as boasting that 20 young Muslims were trained in Yemen to blow up airliners. "There are many more just like me," he said.  90

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