UAE, Jordan and Israel to Set Up Fortress Cities for Syrian Rebels

Like the fortified settlements the Roman empire built for its soldiers and their families to protect its borders in the second century, the UAE, Jordan and Israel are to establish a string of fortified cities in Southern Syria to guard the Jordanian and Israeli borders.
According to DEBKA Weekly’s military and intelligence sources, Syrian contractors under the supervision of Jordanian intelligence officers will establish at least three to four new cities in Southern Syria, each housing 10,000 to 15,000 rebel soldiers from the various militias. The cities will spread north as far as the Jebel Druze area, and west – reaching Quneitra (see map).
The plan includes 50,000 houses, each city with its own plot of land to allow residents to engage in agriculture. The cities will be linked to water and electricity systems and will have their own centers for supplies and food. Every rebel soldier selected as a candidate for one of the new homes by the Jordanian and Israeli intelligence services will receive a salary for the first five years, during which all soldiers will commit to a certain militia. 
In addition, every armed resident will be provided with a license to keep his personal weapon in his new home. In short, the cities will serve as a reserve force for the Syrian rebels.
The UAE will finance all costs for the new cities.
This ambitious initiative is the first effort by the three countries to establish safe havens controlled by the Syrian rebels. It is pressumed that the Israeli and Jordanian air forces will protect the cities. Their proximity to the borders of Jordan and Israel, ranging from 10 to 30 kilometers, will enable the IDF and the Jordanian army to additionally provide antiaircraft and artillery support.
There is no information on whether the US and Russia, which have divided up Syria into areas of influence, have approved the plan, or whether it was brought to their attention at all.
DEBKA Weekly’s military sources report that the large-scale rebel attack this week in Southern Syria, in which the IDF and the Jordanian army were directly involved, was intended to uproot ISIS forces, mainly those from the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigades and the al-Muthanna organization, from areas designated for the cities. The leader and commander of al-Muthanna was killed in the fighting on April 17th.
Jordanian sources report that this week’s fighting was the first full cooperation between the IDF, the Jordanian army and the Syrian rebels. Israel is supplying the Syrian rebels with air cover – using drones to attack the ISIS forces. The sources report that Israeli aircraft flying in from Jordan are marked with the Jordanian air force colors. Amman is supplying special operation troops for this campaign, and Jordanian officers have taken command of the rebel forces.
The fact that units from Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, the Nusra Front, are among the rebels raises the question of whether they will also receive homes in the new cities. DEBKA Weekly’s sources say that the answer is positive. Israel and Jordan claim that the Nusra Front forces in southern Syria are not connected to Al Qaeda.

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