US anti-air missiles for Kurds to meet Turkish, Syrian threats

The US is supplying N. Syrian Kurds with man-portable air defense weapons MANPADs to counter Turkish war threats. Tensions around northern Syria hit a new high on Tuesday, Jan. 16, when Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan threatened his army would invade the Kurdish region of Afrin – and then Kurdish-held Manbij – both of which abut on the Turkish border. Not a single “terrorist” would survive this operation, he declared, describing it as “imminent.” For “terrorists” in Erdogan speak, read fighters of the Kurdish YPG militia, American’s key ally in northern Syria. This militia, spearheaded the battle which drove ISIS out of Raqqa and the US is counting on it to provide the backbone of the new 30,000-strong “Syrian Border Guard.”

The Turkish president did not directly attack the US or the Trump administration, only tangentially. In his speech to parliament, he reproved NATO, saying, “You are duty-bound to strike a certain pose against anyone that harasses one of your partners.” He also sent Turkish chief of staff Gen. Hulusi Akar to Brussels, where he plans to call on Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, and deliver Ankara’s final warning before going to war on the Kurds of northern Syria.
Ankara is not alone with a score to settle with Washington over its military moves in northern Syria; Moscow and Damascus view the Trump administration steps as an American military takeover of a section of northern Syria which stretches between Turkey and Iraq and covers some 28,000 sq. km. (compared with 20,770 sq. km of Israel), and splitting up the country.

The Pentagon, estimating that all three may first resort to air strikes against the Kurdish regions and the new US-backed Syrian Border Guard, is sending the YPG man-portable air defense systems – MANPADS – which are especially effective against low-flying jets and helicopters. It is the first time since the Syrian insurgency erupted against the Assad regime in 2011, that the Americans are supplying any rebel force with these weapons.


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19 thoughts on “US anti-air missiles for Kurds to meet Turkish, Syrian threats

  • Jan 16, 2018 @ 18:53 at 18:53

    Putin tried to set up Kurdish zones of influence to stop Turkey but not Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, Trump did not agreed to that.

    • Jan 19, 2018 @ 1:54 at 1:54

      i love the brisk smell of war on the horizon

  • Jan 17, 2018 @ 0:59 at 0:59

    The Erdogan Turkey needs its wings clipped and its throat cut.
    Then more will be right with the world.

  • Jan 17, 2018 @ 2:31 at 2:31

    Unlike duplicitous Erdogan the ingrate Islamist, Kurds are reliable allies, and actually like America. They should have American support, 100%.

  • Jan 17, 2018 @ 2:50 at 2:50

    Let the party begin, Er-DOG-an will be a cooked Turkey !

  • Jan 17, 2018 @ 15:15 at 15:15

    lol…..oh the webs you weave…… mention of your Brothers ISIS……lol…..disgusting and filthy……..

    • Jan 17, 2018 @ 22:59 at 22:59

      We’d rather talk about the Sharmouta you call mother.

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 2:56 at 2:56

        No need for name calling (e.i. whore or slut). Keep the dialog civilized and on point. I know you can do better.

  • Jan 17, 2018 @ 15:17 at 15:17

    Greater ISISrael genocide continues……from the Euphraties to the Nile… obvious as the sun coming up every morning……..but hey, what can you do…….when they are the children of satan…….God Help Us !!!

    • Jan 17, 2018 @ 16:53 at 16:53

      Islamofascism commits genocide all over the world (US, UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Oraq, Syria, Yemen) and all passengers and cargo must be screened, go through CHECKPOINTS to prevent another 9/11.

    • Jan 17, 2018 @ 23:00 at 23:00

      Shuddup LOOSER.,Lol

    • Jan 18, 2018 @ 23:52 at 23:52

      put a manpad in the ass of your mother,it will be a game changer for the porks who are fucking her

  • Jan 17, 2018 @ 16:05 at 16:05

    As much as we like the idea of supplying MANPADS to kurdish forces, it is most likely nothing but a hollow threat, designed for no other purpose than to buy some more time.

    If true, it would indeed be quite a significant change of strategy by the Americans. We would rather expect the US to handle the situation in line with historical examples, i.e. simply let the Kurds down once again.

    To our limited understanding, the only party having funneled MANPADS to the Kurds so far were the Russians early on in the conflict, shortly after Turkey famously downed one of their jets. After the loss of some turkish helicopters, both parties quickly managed to reach a reconciliation.

    Going for this playbook seems pretty obvious, but there is one important caveat: If the recipient has reason to believe you are just bluffing, your bluff will most probably be called.

    • Jan 17, 2018 @ 23:01 at 23:01

      You should have put a rhyme on this.. Remember you are a POET m

  • Jan 18, 2018 @ 4:08 at 4:08

    Mr. Putin is a smart man. He has to realize his allies Iran and Turkey can stab him in a back any time . He is an infidel ( translation: an uncircumcised dog ) for them just like any other non Muslim . Besides , the decision makers in both countries proved to be mentally unstable. Mr. Putin also knows that Israel got a few STEALTH war planes capable of wiping out not only Russian S-400’s but entire Russian presence from the Middle East. Will he openly confront powerful US-Israeli coalition?

  • Jan 18, 2018 @ 7:09 at 7:09

    MANPADS should be provided to the Syrian opposition in Idlib and Ghouta.

  • Jan 18, 2018 @ 12:34 at 12:34

    good news bye bye turkey bye bye iran bye beye russian like in agfanistan with the stinger tat decimated russia air force

  • Jan 18, 2018 @ 21:04 at 21:04

    MANPADS aren’t a game changer… In Libya Gaddafy had enough MANPADS to shot each NATO’s planes twice or trice or maybe even more times… But NATO was bombing from 20000ft… Please take in account that NATO allwayse fears collateral damages while PUTIN doesn’t… MANPADS will not be a big problem for the Tupolev bombers taking of from RUSSIA… PUTIN doesn’t know the meaning of collateral damages on civilians… PUTIN will do “tabula rasa”… MANPADS will be a problem just for combat helos and Su-25… Erdogan is as good as a leader as he was as a soccer player :-))))

    • Jan 19, 2018 @ 3:26 at 3:26

      dont wary man you if you are very confident on russia su 25 et su35 any ways yhey will be crushed by f 22 or f 16 or f 18 or f 16. one of the concerned countries can match us air force with long experience
      if they come with their helos they will be lost if they woll come with su 25 they will lost too if they come with su35 they woll be humiliated.. if they will with armata tank t14 the a 10 will reduce it in rubble. no hope now for america’s enemies ..

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