US Army Issues Eyeglasses to…Saddam Hussein

As of this week, Iraq's daily newspapers will be delivered to Saddam Hussein's prison cell. DEBKA-Net-Weekly's sources in Baghdad report that to mark the occasion, a military optometrist examined the deposed leader and fitted him with new eyeglasses. It marks the first time that Saddam has been able to catch up with current events since US forces captured him in a rabbit hole near his hometown of Tikrit in December. Paul Bremer, the chief US administrator in Iraq, decided to supply the newspapers to Saddam after the International Committee of the Red Cross visited the prisoner and demanded he be given reading material. But, our sources say, the newspapers were also a sign of US satisfaction over the more relaxed attitude Saddam has adopted in his interrogation sessions. Instead of long periods of silence, he now chats away with his interrogators – although he has yet to tell them anything new.

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