US, French, UK leaders say Iran must abandon nuclear weapons program by year’s end – or face sanctions

In a dramatic joint appearance in Pittsburgh, Friday, Sept. 25, Presidents Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy and prime minister Gordon Brown accused Iran of concealing a second uranium enrichment plant near Qom for years from international inspection, in violation of its obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty and UN Security Council Resolutions. Taking time out of the G20 summit, they went on live television to declare their willingness for a concerted effort to stop Iran attaining nuclear weapons by the end of 2009.
Obama said this is not the first time Iran has been guilty of concealment. As former concealments, its second hidden enrichment plant is inconsistent with its claims of a peaceful nuclear program. “It is time now for Iran to act immediately to comply with its international obligations.”
He emphasized that on Oct. 1, when the five Security Council permanent members and Germany meet the Iranian delegate, they will hold Tehran to its obligations to comply with Security Council resolutions.
“The US remains ready to engage Iran in dialogue,” the US president said and stands by its offer of a package of incentives “provided Iran meets its treaty obligations.”
debkafile: Obama thus left the door partly open for Iran to come to heel.
President Sarkozy was less flexible. He warned Iran it was on a dangerous path. “The existing crisis of confidence has now become a challenge. Everything must be put on the table now,” he insisted referring to the intelligence held back until now. “We cannot accept delay while the motors are running.” The French president proposed giving Iran the deadline of December for meeting its commitments, failing which sanctions will be imposed.
Brown: “The international community is shocked by the depth of Iran’s deception and scale of its violations.” If Iran fails to engage the powers as a real partner by Oct. 1, the UK will propose more stringent sanctions and steps to isolate the Iranian regime, said the British premier, and emphasized: “Iran must abandon any military ambitions for its nuclear program.”

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