US urges Russia to allow resumed Israeli air strikes in Syria

Special US envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, said on Wednesday, Nov. 7, “We certainly hope Russia’s permissive approach will continue” for Israeli air strikes in Syria against Iranian targets, despite its supply of S-300 air defense systems to the Syrian government. He noted that Russia has been permissive about the flights in the past – in consultation with the Israelis. The American diplomat spoke after meeting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Monday, Nov. 5. However, DEBKAfile’s military sources have seen no sign of Moscow relenting. Quite the reverse; Moscow indicated this week that should Israeli jets enter Syrian airspace to attack Iranian targets, the S-300 would shoot them down.

According to our sources, Ambassador Jeffrey’s talks with Netanyahu, attended also by high-ranking IDF officers, encompassed the situation in Syria, including the possibility of a military clash between Russia and Israel. This clash is envisaged to take place shortly after President Donald Trump sits down with President Vladimir Putin in Paris next Sunday, Nov.11 – or even while it is taking place.
The prime minister shared with the US ambassador intelligence showing Syrian operating teams installing the S-300 batteries in recent days and getting into position to fire at Israeli aircraft – not just military planes, and not just over Syria, but also  commercial flights flying over Israel.
This was the data which the Israeli minister Ze’ev Elkin also disclosed on Monday in a rare briefing to Russian correspondents. He appended a warning: If its aircraft were struck in this way, Israel would not be satisfied with demarches, but take action against the S-300 batteries, even if they were manned by Russian personnel.

Two days later, the Kremlin shot back by clarifying that President Putin had no intention of meeting Prime Minister Netanyahu in Paris next Sunday. The Russian-Israeli dispute is not going away any time soon, but deepening,

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60 thoughts on “US urges Russia to allow resumed Israeli air strikes in Syria

  • Nov 7, 2018 @ 21:34 at 21:34

    Take them out now.It’s time to teach Putin and Assad who are the real Masters of the sky.

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 4:26 at 4:26

      you have no clue.

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 9:15 at 9:15

      Real masters? Can you think at all? Masters don’t ask slaves what to do. They just do it, why can’t the US and Israel just stop blablering or spewing hot air and just do it. Did you understand the article at all?. Russia always gave permission to Isreal before it could strike and Isreal misused or stabbed Russia in the back who is evil? If America and Isreal are so hyperpowerful with their F-35 and F-22 so called hyperstealth jets why couldn’t they do it so bravely by now.

      • Nov 8, 2018 @ 14:23 at 14:23

        Another Putin Troll

      • Nov 10, 2018 @ 6:52 at 6:52

        Dont be a fuggin idiot. Israel has never asked for permission. They just did it…and impunity was applied if they gave russians advanced warning for safety sake. The last strike was an emergency and Israel did not give much forward warning. This caused a tragedy that russia cant swallow. This made the russians think like you, and that Israel didnt respect them any more. Of course not. Israel has no reason to respect russia hindering its self defence. Same as they wont respect any s300 system from a country they are at war with. Russia tends to forget that Syria and israel are still at war since cowardly Syrian attacks in 1973. Politics is not all BS anf bluff as you make it sound. Its about collecting and keeping allies and not taking actions that others see as first agression. At moment…surprise, surprise …… more countries tend to support Israel. This is why no s300 destroyed yet. Israel will sacrafice for this one. An old f16 will go down,……and all s300 systems will be shot to pieces. Russia will be happy to sell more to syria while telling Israel how naughty they are. But in the end…Iran will be gone and security to Israel …. Russia will save face….syria will get regime change and russia will get total reconstruction of syria without Iran dictating anything anymore. Yes…Israel is the master of the region and proved it 4 times before in arab Israeli wars when Russia backed the wrong teams. Like any sovereign country, Israel will never ask anyones permission for self defense.

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 10:28 at 10:28


    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 16:06 at 16:06

      Its pretty clear who the master of Syrian skys are guess who has not flown there in a couple of months!

      • Nov 9, 2018 @ 23:51 at 23:51

        you better check the article that follows this one…the answer is the US is now flying those skies in their F35’s. So who is the master???

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 19:30 at 19:30

      LMAO !

  • Nov 7, 2018 @ 21:53 at 21:53

    Ezekiel 38–39 or The War of Gog and Magog.

    • Nov 7, 2018 @ 23:06 at 23:06

      Not quite yet, but soon…the invaders gather on Israel’s northern border.
      Ezekiel 39:6 will be fulfilled:

      “And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the LORD.”

      What will that “fire” be exactly? The fire of war? Conventional fire? Nuclear fire? “The isles”, according to scholars (which I am not), refers to the continents away from the ME and Israel.
      I don’t know if Gog/Magog will precipitate nuclear war, but you can bet that when the invaders gather at Israel’s border with the clear intent to invade, I will gather my loved ones and get away from potential targets. I advise everyone else to do the same.

      Unless you’re a liberal, that is. I urge all liberals to stay close to urban centers when war involving Israel breaks out.

      • Nov 7, 2018 @ 23:59 at 23:59

        IDIOTA !

      • Nov 8, 2018 @ 14:46 at 14:46

        “Not quite yet, but soon…” What? You decide when it does or doesn’t happen?

        • Nov 9, 2018 @ 1:44 at 1:44

          No human can decide, even if they think they are deciding. Read Ezekiel 38 and 39 to find out what happens in the Gog Magog war. In short humans are living in time, but God has the timing.

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 0:03 at 0:03

    May be wise to keep the S-300 missiles launching keys away from Iranian and Syrian trigger happy jihadists. They already shot down one Russian Plane and embarrassed President Putin. If they shoot down an American or Israeli plane President Trump or Prime Minister Netanyahu could eliminate the launch sites.

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 0:29 at 0:29

      You are misinformed; Israeli Aircraft shot down Russian elite air force unit , that basically did helped Israelis to deal with many issues. That Israeli missile that shot the aircraft down , was ordered in USA , and UK .It is sad that most of the people are misguided of what has really happened ;
      S300 is not a problem , but the system of support is. And it is not suggested for Israelis or Nato or anyone including USA to play stupid , since outcome will be really really unfortunate for those involved.

      • Nov 8, 2018 @ 1:28 at 1:28


      • Nov 8, 2018 @ 4:20 at 4:20

        No you are misinformed by your lying government and gov controlled press. The Syrian army shoots at everything in sight and they shot down that Russian plane. Then the cover up started to save face and hide their incompetence.

      • Nov 8, 2018 @ 14:26 at 14:26

        Another Putin Troll

      • Nov 8, 2018 @ 15:46 at 15:46

        Russain Elite Airforce Unit. ….NOT SO ELITE NOW…Was Easily Shot Down By Poison Putins Best Friends the Murderer President ASSADS Rebel Army of Clowns…. Facts not Russian Fiction.

      • Nov 9, 2018 @ 15:58 at 15:58

        Solomeo are you part of the fake news?

      • Nov 10, 2018 @ 6:59 at 6:59

        You got that wrong…but in reality…who gives a fug. Any fugwit that sends a spyplane up in the middle of another countries covert operation of self defense and stability….well…WTF would you expect to happen to it. Does Israel really want russia flollowing its strategies and tactics and giving syria counter strategies from that intelligence_?…when Israel told them to stand down…and they flew in…russia destroyed their own plane and crew. Full stop!

    • Nov 9, 2018 @ 1:46 at 1:46

      Putin has brought the Syrian S-300 under the Russian Air Defence umbrella after the Russian plane was shot down.

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 0:20 at 0:20

    Putin and the rest of Israel’s enemies have a tough row to hoe if they think they can destroy Israel since Yahweh says He keeps Israel and neither slumbers nor sleeps. Israel’s enemies could never destroy Israel even if they had a 100 billion man army. How idiotic to think Yahweh’s plans can be overturned.

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 1:53 at 1:53

      Well said sir.
      One can only shake one’s head in amazement at those who claim that all Yahweh’s promises regarding Israel have been thwarted – as if they know better than Yahweh Himself.

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 2:44 at 2:44

    Putin shot down his own plane to blame Israel as a pretext for his war on the Jews. He has no problem murdering his own people anywhere anytime if it benefits him. He’s a maniac Hitler.

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 4:30 at 4:30

      Well I wish he would do the world a favor, and just GET ON WITH IT!!

      • Nov 10, 2018 @ 0:20 at 0:20

        Fock Mossad,
        I usually do not get sucked into responding to posts on these issues though I read world news daily. ARE YOU ACTUALLY CALLING FOR THE ELIMINATION OF JEWS, ANOTHER HOLOCAUST. KILL THE JEWS WHEREVER THEY ARE? Why would you want to kill someone simply because of his/her religious beliefs? THAT IS INSANITY, WHICH YOU SHOULD LOOK INTO. email me, beachcomber@yahoo. I will come to whatever country in the world that allows you to speak as such and in any forum you choose to have this assanine “conversation” with you. And then you can shoot me in the head and say you got rid of one Jew.

    • Nov 10, 2018 @ 7:03 at 7:03

      Syria did not shoot down Russias plane by accident……they did it on purpose, in order to blame Israel and turn Russia against Israel.

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 3:13 at 3:13

    The World knows who shot down the Russian Plane and it sure wasn’t the US or Israel. I don’t know if you could really call it Friendly Fire Accident since Iran and Syria have different agendas than does Russia.

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 6:36 at 6:36

    Perhaps Putin would be more accommodating once Israel eliminate Assad and some of his top minions. It could probably be done with just a few well-aimed missiles.
    Somehow, I doubt that the Sunni government that would probably replace the Assad’s would be willing to provide sea-ports and other facilities to Russia.

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 14:40 at 14:40

      @ Anonymous…..

      You are 500% correct…..ASSAD IS PUTINS ..TRUMP …CARD….NO ASSAD NO TRUMP CARD.

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 6:40 at 6:40

    Eventually, that S-300 may not survive. It is not fair for rogue people to hide their ulterior motives behind S-300. It must be ironed out.

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 6:44 at 6:44

    Eventually, the S-300 may not survive. Ulterior motives might be lurking overshadowed by its presence. its presence is causing an untenable situation which needs to be ironed out to avoid escalation. It is however, to a technical problem to deal with. the issue is, how do we navigate while maintaining friendship.

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 7:06 at 7:06

      Netanyahu should not have lied to Putin. After all Russia had radars in Latakia, so it was beyond stupid. It made the matter much worse. He should have apologized and compensated Russia. I am sure this folly with the Russian plane was committed by some junior officer, but as they say cover up is worse than a crime. Netanyahu will have to step down.

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 8:37 at 8:37

    Is Russia so stupid that it would risk Moscow as well as dozens of targets attacked by Israeli nuclear armed aircraft, as well as lend-lease nuclear armed B2’s**, wherein a significant percentage of same and all of the B2’s would get through and hit their targets? Is Syria or Iran worth defending when 1,200,000 Russians live in Israel? Putin and his Generals would be decision equivalent to Hitler and his generals invading Russia, and we know how that ended for the Germans.

    If an S-300 shot down a commercial airliner over Israel, expect same fate over Russia in a matter of minutes.

    ** Each bay carries eight bomb racks, and in the nuclear role the bomber can carry an assortment of up to sixteen B61-7 bombs (10–360 kilotons), B61-11 bombs (400 kilotons) or B-83-1 thermonuclear bombs (1.2 megatons). The Spirit will also carry the new B-61-12 bomb with a “dial-a-yield” configuration, giving it a yield of .3, 1.5, 10 or 50 kilotons.

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 22:09 at 22:09

      Ignorant! You’re talking crap! As if Russia lacks means of retaliation that can turn both Israel and its puppets in Washington into nuclear ashes. Do you war-mongers, who are nothing but thirsty for tears and blood of others know what MAD is? Do you know what Putin really means by “why should there be a world without Russia?”

      • Nov 10, 2018 @ 7:07 at 7:07

        Putin loves life and killing too much to instigate Mad! Israel also has unlimited Nuclear missiles which it keeps stacked on board its 6 submarines at sea at any one time…just for any such situation where it may be nuked itself. Concidering russia is only nuclear capable country that could effect Israel at this time….it shows Israel has never trusted russia……WISELY!

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 9:40 at 9:40

    ‘… getting into position to fire at Israeli aircraft – not just military planes, and not just over Syria, but also commercial flights flying over Israel.’

    fckng idiots wouldn’t even believe, while you are ‘at it’ you should watch out for nuclear drone submarines letting off tsunamis.

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 13:12 at 13:12

    Too much bluster about this one.

    The idea that if an Israeli aircraft were shot down there’d be an attack on Russia in minutes is not a likely real-world response. Especially if one is talking B-2 bombers. Israel isn’t looking for enemies and even if it or the USA launched aircraft at Russia it would take a minimum of hours, not minutes.

    Israel and Russia have already damaged the value of S-300 sales. Israel has indicated it can and would destroy the S-300s under certain conditions and a whole lot of people are likely to believe the Israeli statement rather than any Syrian and Russian statements that the S-300 might be effectively invulnerable or would convey invulnerabilty.

    The S-300s may actually damage Syria’s relationship with Iran and other anti-Zionist entities. Having an anti-aircraft missile system within range of Israeli commercial and military aircraft and not using it to shoot down Israeli targets will not fit with anti-Zionist rhetoric and actions.

    Religious-belief-based statements that Israel cannot be conquered no matter the forces arrayed against it are intriguing but don’t seem to be reality-based.

    If a deity is protecting Israel against all assailants then it is difficult to explain all the deaths caused by terrorists and the fact that Israel seems to think a potent military is required. Invulnerability conferred by a God who can protect against all foes would mean that Israel has been and always will be invulnerable and that has clearly not been the case.

    But then, invoking an all-powerful deity who wants Israel destroyed is similarly illogical. If Allah hated Jews then the Jews would immediately die or otherwise disappear.

    Let’s face it. We’re dealing with geopolitical situations and forces. Whether or not a deity is able to convey invincibility to one side or another is irrelevant because clearly no deity has recently chosen to make one side or the other either invulnerable or unstoppable.

    We are left dealing with forces, postures, geographic and demographic realities and similar. Take away hatred and the lust for power and we might actually discover some peace and the blessings of whatever deity one might choose to invoke – I’m not holding my breath waiting for that.

    • Nov 9, 2018 @ 11:56 at 11:56

      @ Has been
      Ignorance is obviously a problem shared by many who think Israel should not exist, or can be easily wiped off world map. There had been instances in both ancient and modern history where logical and scientific minds like yours would have believed the end of Israel, but they are still there! in Israeli soil! How would one believe a group of people fresh from deadly concentration camps resist an obvious superior Arab militaries and subsequently prevail.
      Some guys in Gaza and co terrorize Israel without a corresponding response from Israel shouldn’t in anyway be looked at as weakness. Israel has the capacity to respond in kind. God shows kindness to even the enemies of Israel.
      It’s a mistake showcasing S-300 now because it will become obsolete soon, its no secret it’s been studied grossly.
      I really pray these unnecessarily hostilities cease and cease immediately. Lots can be gained in peace time: great improvement in world economy can be attained; solutions to medical challenges can be sourced, etc. Please lets promote peace in the world with all resources available to us.

    • Nov 10, 2018 @ 7:42 at 7:42

      No body threatened Russia as a country over this…the threat is attacks on russian assets in syria. And that is a real time threat each and every day russia remains in syria considering the antagonism between Israel, syria and Iran. Russia may get its nose out of joint with Isrel..but you can bet….no one in NATO….. never less just america or Israel….is going to let russia take this fight anywhere outside syrias border without dire consequences.

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 13:14 at 13:14

    The Russians use every incident to gain advantage in their new cold war competition with the US.

    Israel is The New Soviet Union’s #1 bargaining chip… and the right for Israel to defend itself is now on the table.

    Israel must make it clear that its security is not up for grabs nor to be used as a way to enhance Russia’s conquest and alliances with Iran and other Islamist enemies of Israel to give themselves more power and control.

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 13:26 at 13:26

    After all the BULL from all sides the Main Biggest Threat to the Jewsish State is the Indecisive and Weaknes in having to ask your New Master Mohammed Bin Poison Putin if its OK to defend yourselves against the very threats that Poison Putin is Mastering and Aiding and Abetting

    Israel and the USA asking the ENEMY if its OK to return Fire … HOW PATHETIC Israel has become…..History shows that you are making the Same WEAK mistakes and your Jewish Leaders Promised after WW2 that you would Never Ever Allow anyone to Threaten the Jewish People Again…In this the Jewish State is telling Poison Putin you are our New Masters do we call you Mr Putin or would you Prefer us to call you now you have Converted to ISLAM Prophet Mohammed Bin Poison Putin….Freedom has to be Fought For not Given….Facts not Fiction.

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 23:15 at 23:15

      If Putin says no then Israel can always decide to go ahead and do it anyway. Sometimes it pays to be polite and try the diplomatic route first.

    • Nov 10, 2018 @ 7:15 at 7:15

      Israel is not asking permission for nothing. It is just polite to russia and tells them to keep heads down. Why is russia angry no? cos obviously…it wasnt asked to keep heads down that time lol. Next time wussia will do as Israel tells it like other times!

  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 18:24 at 18:24


  • Nov 8, 2018 @ 20:55 at 20:55

    Putin plays tough with Israel these days. Why? I have an idea. One of the reasons, could be the main one, is that stance is for the inner consumption. His popularity inside falls drastically because of tough anti-Russian sanctions, ongoing unrestricted corruption on all levels, fast decreasing of the income of population, falling apart health care, education, even intelligence services.
    So, he needs another show to play a strong leader. Israel was not in his sights thus far for Putin had another venues to show “Russian Might” and power of Russian leader, or he thought he had them: in Ukraine, in Syria, in Georgia — sever years earlier, etc. Now, all of those played out, exhausted, do not work any more to cheer people up… And he found another spot: To speak tough to Israel, to Jews for that matter. He doesn’t care what sentiment to use to reach his ends.
    And he speaks and plays tough with Israel. He doesn’t understand the situation (the common problem with dictators) and any consequences he can face.
    What about the situation? First, Israel is in a shakeable position internationally, as always. Second, Israel has a huge Russian speaking community which watches Russian TV and thus develops pretty much pro-Putin attitude. Most probably, Putin’s advisers count on these weak spots of the Jewish State. Alright, but this is just some problems to deal with.
    There is the other side — real security problem. That is, when situation with Iranians and Hezbollah in Syria develops into real threat on a large scale, Israel will have to take action, whoever like it or not. That is absolutely inevitable.
    And what happens then? Either S-300s get involved and consequentially destroyed, or they will held back fire and let Israelis do whatever they think necessary. In any case, Putin will loose his last case of being a tough player and his face along. It might very well be the last drop to have him ousted by disappointed Russian elites. And they are disappointed these days. Most of them.

    • Nov 8, 2018 @ 23:34 at 23:34

      Israel overplayed her cards and lost it. Syria is not going to be partitioned and weakened. Kurdistan is not going to happen. Iran and Hezbollah are not going anywhere. Mohammad bone Saw is on his way out so is Jared and so is the Orange Orangutan with grenade. Israel can return the Golan Heights to Syria or engage in a land war because IAF is not going into Syria anymore and/or Israel Air Trafic Control is superseded by mobile Syrian S300 AD/A2.

      • Nov 8, 2018 @ 23:51 at 23:51

        I hope you got paid for that in US dollars rather than Roubles, otherwise you’re going to need a pay raise pretty desperately soon.

      • Nov 10, 2018 @ 7:23 at 7:23

        The day the russian plane got shot down…..Israel blew the fug out of iranian arms shipments. Iran finally got the idea that Israel will attack no matter what…….Russia lost a plane….. russia acted all big and moved in outdated s300 systems that it doesnt even use itself any more … and who Israel already has the codes and strategies to take them out, thx to greece maneouvers and Ukraine, Russia told Iran to go to the back of the class far away from the border as they realise their own assets are no longer safe if they keep pushing Israel… Israel has had no need to enter into Syria lately….. as russia is keeping them safe enough, now 😛

  • Nov 9, 2018 @ 1:03 at 1:03

    Quote: “The Russian-Israeli dispute is not going away any time soon”. It will go away only after apology of Israel and compensation for death of 16 officers.

    • Nov 9, 2018 @ 1:56 at 1:56

      Few of you on here get it. The Syrians had not set the Russian planes as objects to be disregarded when searching for targets. So the Syrian S-300 shot down the Russian plane when the Russian plane should have been ‘invisible’ to the S-300. The result is that Putin has now placed the Syrian S-300 under the Russian Air Defence umbrella so that the same thing will not happen again. But the Russians are very sensitive to personnel losses, that is why Putin had to pretend the Russians who were killed in the Ukraine were not soldiers but volunteers. This was to keep them off the stats for killed on duty otherwise he would lose support. The Russian are already feeling the pinch due to the US sanctions and his popularity is tenuous. So he blamed the downing of the plane on Israel which should have pushed back on this one. Now that the world thinks Israel downed the plane he can start playing bully boy with Israel.

      • Nov 9, 2018 @ 2:48 at 2:48

        Wrong assmptions! Shoigu and Gerasimov were not impressed with the Israeli version of the events. Putin had to go along with MOD consensus in such a tragedy. That meant that you must deal now with EW and with mobile radar networks equipped with modern A2/AD SAMs.

  • Nov 9, 2018 @ 8:35 at 8:35

    Every anti-aircraft system in the world can easily be taken out with swarm tactics. None could survive 20 small stealth missiles coming at it all at once. And if it did fire every missile it had to defend itself, it could not do so against the next bomber with 20 more missiles, or the next, or next. America can put 100 bombers full of missiles in the air if it wanted to. No AA systems could survive that. Now, we’d couple that with stealth aircraft, radar seeking missiles, and our own patriot systems. I think it’s time to call Putin’s bluff OR run the Muslims out of Israel. Hey Putler, you’re out-gunned. Get out the way.

    • Nov 9, 2018 @ 14:44 at 14:44

      What is it that you do not understand about multilayered aerial defense, automatic controls, networking mobile radars? You want to play Russian roulette? Sure be my guest. Don’t you understand that if you kill by the sword you shall be killed by the sword?

      • Nov 10, 2018 @ 7:35 at 7:35

        As an ex operator, I understand them perfectly…… enough to know that the Israeli @Delilah@ would decoy them out while smaller AG missiles would destroy them…and all from outside their operational capability. What is it that you do not understand about multilayered aerial defense system counter measures. And your using the nick …. Sun Tzu??

        • Nov 10, 2018 @ 16:13 at 16:13

          There is no too small RCS aircraft delivery system for Russian multi-frequency radars. They see you even taking off. They will see you launching and they will engage you. Your small AG will be intercepted and killed by Tor and Pantsyrs not by the S300 PMU-2 Favorit proper. The launching platform for the AG will be shot down by the S200 or S300.

  • Nov 9, 2018 @ 15:37 at 15:37

    Russia will only have to distribute some Kalashnikovs to the Palestinians and they will do the job 🙂

  • Nov 10, 2018 @ 7:29 at 7:29

    Only after hades freezes over lol 🙂

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