Washington to stop wrangling with Israel, instead offer “embrace” with benefits, some military

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have decided to put a stop to the row with the Netanyahu government over the interim nuclear accord signed with Iran Sunday, Nov. 24 in Geneva, debkafile’s exclusive Washington sources report – partly because they need the prime minister’s cooperation for bringing the peace process with the Palestinians to a resolution. On this they are set.

As one US official put it Tuesday night, Nov. 26: the administration has determined “to embrace Netanyahu” from now on, instead of hitting back at his powerful castigation of Washington’s dealings with Tehran.  The administration hopes to stop this flow of rhetoric by a package of measures which it hopes will allay Israel’s concerns over the nuclear deal and the rapprochement in progress between the US and Islamic Republic.

According to our sources, the package will include upgrading of Israeli Air Force capabilities with new offensive measures currently not in its possession. This upgrade, they say, will be influenced by the level of Iran’s compliance or non-compliance with its obligations under the first-step accord just signed with the six world powers and its readiness for progress towards a final, comprehensive accord on its nuclear program.

The administration will also address the acute concerns in Riyadh and the Gulf emirates about the new US opening to Tehran.
The coming DEBKA Weekly No. 613 out next Friday offers details on the packages Washington is lining up to pacify Israel, the Saudis and emirates without, however, foregoing its objectives.
You can also learn much more about the major advantages the Obama administration is conferring on Tehran for signing the preliminary nuclear accord, reported exclusive on this site Monday, Nov. 25
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