White House condemns al Qaeda’s American spokesman’s call for bombs to greet Bush in his Middle East tour

National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said: “This shows once again that al Qaeda offer nothing but violence and death.” The president wants to talk about a positive future for the region.
Jan. 6, two days before the US president arrives in the Middle East, American Islamic convert Adam Gadahn called on “our brothers the Mujahedin, mainly in Palestine and the Arabian Peninsula, and in the region in general, to be ready to welcome the Crusader, the butcher Bush… not by flowers and applause, but with bombs and car bombs.” This call was made in Arabic. The rest of the 50-minute audio message, al Qaeda’s first in 2008, was in English.
Dec. 30, Osama bin Laden warning Iraqis against backing their US-backed government and vowing to “liberate every inch of Palestine.” Gadahn has been indicted for treason by a US jury. There is a million dollar bounty on his head.
Referring to Gadahn’s tearing up of his US passport on camera, Johndroe said:”He is wanted for treason against the US. His passport was already void.”
In the video, Gadahn lashed out repeatedly at the United States for its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and its close ties to Israel and the leaders of some Muslim countries, including Egypt and Pakistan, which he described as some of the “worst dictators and tyrants.”

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