Who are the generals managing the Russian campaign in Syria?

No one has ever given names or faces to the generals running Russia’s military campaigns in Syria and Iraq or got to the bottom of their tactics. The latest issue of DEBKA Weekly, out Friday, fills in those intriguing blanks – and more: our in-depth investigation pins down the very qualities which convinced Vladimir Putin and his defense minister Sergei Shoigu to choose those generals for their unique and complex mission.
This issue also has some startling disclosures about how the Americans are conducting operations against the Islamic State in Iraq. It is still available.
Finally, DEBKA Weekly offers you a new format. It is more compact and a faster read, while offering as much – or more – of our exclusive content and original insights on a broad gamut of burning issues. They range from global power interplay in the Middle East to the convolutions of the terror and anti-terror scenes, the anatomy of regional conflicts and much more.
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