Wikileaks claims Netanyahu was a Stratfor source, disclosed 2 Iranian nukes on missiles in 2009

Continuing the release of the US Stratfor research site’s e-mails, Wikileaks Wednesday, March 28 issued a batch of mails which indicated that Binyamin Netanyahu may have been a source of the site’s Vice President for intelligence Fred Burton (a former Deputy Chief of the Department of State's counterterrorism division for the Diplomatic Security) from at least May 2007 up until 2010 after he became Prime Minister of Israel.
The Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem has not commented on the publication.
According to one e-mail from Burton, Netanyahu is said to have revealed in Dec. 2009 that “Iran has two nukes on missiles ready to go.”  Burton went on to report that the White House (Barack Obama) was “doing everything possible to block Israel’s next steps. He added the view that “Israel will go it alone. Israeli subs are off Iran's coast.”

In answer to a question, Burton replied: “My source is bb (eyes only).”

Another Burton e-mail posted in 2009 revealed the shaky relations between Netanyahu and the US president: He wrote:  “I also have it on good word that BB trusts Obama about as much as he trusted Arafat or Waddi Haddad [head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the 70s].”

The emails released by Wikileaks indicate that Netanyahu kept Fred Burton abreast of key security and political developments intending his thoughts and information to reach the US intelligence community.  At one point, he is quoted as saying: “Thank you Fred for your support of Israel…."
Asked when an Israeli strike would occur, Burton replied "I've never asked him. He thinks I'm CIA, which I may be.”
In another communication, Burton offers the opinion: “When they [lose] their HUMINT [i.e. human intelligence] coverage they [Israel] will move. Thus far, elements of their disruption strategy have been working from what I understand.  When the window closes, BB knows what he must do. We won't be given any warning.”
“A very good source just informed me,” Burton wrote in Nov. 2009, “that extremely quiet discussions are underway between [the Department of Homeland Security] and the FBI on the blowback to the Jewish community, facilities, synagogues, day-cares, et al in the United States, in the event of an Israeli strike on Iran… “

The entire batch released by Wikileaks consists of communications between the Stratfor Vice President and unnamed correspondents, apparently clients he had an interest in impressing about his sources. None were written by Netanyahu. Their “quotes” are therefore based on hearsay and are second hand.

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