Yaacov Taitel, father of 4, arrested for suspected terrorist attacks on Arabs and Jews

debkafile reports that at the end of a 12-year search, the police and Shin Bet finally caught up with the Yaacov Taitel, 37, from Shevut Rachel, whom they suspect of a long series of terrorist crimes. They arrested him in the Har Nof district of Jerusalem Oct. 9. Two of those crimes are the murders of an Arab taxi driver in June 1997 and an Arab shepherd in August of that year. His home was found stocked with an assortment of firearms, including a sniper’s rifle, and a bomb-making facility.
The police and Shin Beit report that Yaacov Taitel, who was born in Florida, USA, operated solo and was self-taught in the use of firearms and explosives.
He was first arrested in 2000 after years aboard but released for lack of evidence. He then turned to Jewish targets. In November 2006, an explosive charge was found at the Eili police station with the slogan: “Sodomites get out?” The accused has campaigned extensively against the gay community and its annual parades.
In 2007, explosive devices blew up on a Ramot street in North Jerusalem and another in the vineyard of a monastery outside the city. In March 2008, a device disguised as a Purim gift package was posted to a family in Ariel engaged in missionary work. Their son was badly hurt. A year ago, a small charge was planted at the front door of Professor Zeev Sternhall in Jerusalem. It blew up when he opened the door and slightly hurt him.

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