Zarqawi’s Disk Demonstrates Suicide’s Pre-Nuptial Rites

Many thousands of copies of a professionally produced CD-rom are being circulated in Iraq and Kuwait on behalf of al Qaeda’s man in Iraq, the Jordanian terror master Abu Musab Zarqawi. Iraqi interim prime minister Iyad Allawi is singled out as prime target.
The 45-minute disk appears to be aimed at recruiting fighters. It shows footage of al Qaeda’s most striking terrorist attacks in Iraq, runs interviews with suicide bombers and airs war and religious hymns. Zarqawi is the narrator. He personally interviews his “star turn”, Abdel al Dusari, whose nom de guerre is “Abu Haras,” for a step-by-step demonstration of how a suicide terrorist goes about his mission, first stepping into a bomb truck, then connecting the detonator strapped to his body to the explosive charge, before driving off. When and how he pushes the button at the target location is explained.
Zarqawi speaks of “raids,” using Prophet Mohammed’s term for his offensives against the Meccans in 624 and 627.
Before setting out on a “raid,” the bomber performs religious rituals known as “ceremonies of yearning for the brown-eyed ones,” which are a kind of pre-nuptial rites to prepare the “martyr” for his union with the promised 72 virgins waiting for him in Paradise at the end of his mission. Male choirs raise their voices in songs of praise for the martyrs and their coming marriage.
debkafile‘s Middle East sources note that most of the voices heard on the disk use the Syrian Arabic dialect. They point to five key points in Zarqawi’s narration:
1. The targeting of new Iraqi security and police forces has equal priority as hitting Americans. Assassinating Allawi is top of the list. The terrorist says: “You escaped… several times from tight traps, but we promise you to go on (trying) to the end.”
2. The Americans are accused of downplaying the number of dead and wounded casualties in US-Iraqi military actions. Officially designated in scores, they are said to run often to many hundreds.
3. Terror attacks will soon spread from Iraq to Kuwait, where too Americans will be targeted.
4. Most of the terrorist attacks in Iraq are the work of al Qaeda Arab adherents rather than Baathist insurgents.
To prove this contention, Zarqawi for the first time lists names of terrorists and their nationality, accompanied by photos and unpublished particulars of the attacks they carried out.
For instance: the major blast on August 19, 2003 at UN headquarters in Baghdad that killed 22 people including the UN Iraq envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello and caused the world organization to quit Baghdad was the work of an Egyptian called Abu Farida Masri.
The dead bomber is described by Zarqawi as having excelled as a first-rate hockey player in Italy and having taken part in acts of terror against Coptic churches in Egypt.
The large-scale 18 February attack in Hilla south of Baghdad in which 10 Polish troops and dozens of Iraqi civilians were injured was carried out byAbdel Leah from Libya and Abu Saad al Makki from Saudi Arabia.
The first drove the first truck that approached Camp Charlie and was stopped by Polish fire. But then the Saudi driver of the second truck rammed the first and both blew up.
The multi-casualty March 2 attack against a Shiite procession in Karbala, in which 182 were killed and more than 550 injured, was carried out by Abu Baara of Kuwait.
The suicide strike outside Government House in Karbala a short time later was perpetrated by the Saudi Arabian Abu Zubeir.
Zarqawi expands on the May attack on a hospital in Baghdad, attributing it to a Syrian called Abdel Karim. and a Saudi Arabian, Abu Amsha al Shumeri. The Syrian posted outside the hospital opened fire to cover his Saudi partner’s advance at the wheel of a truck full of explosives. The truck exploded at the hospital gates and destroyed a wing of the building, killing and wounding many Iraqi patients.
Jordan again warns Syria to stop al Qaeda infiltrations
On August 4, debkafile‘s Middle East sources reveal Jordan’s PM Faisal al Faeez was in Damascus secretly to deliver a last warning, after three more al Qaeda explosives trucks were intercepted on the Jordanian border: Stop sending those vehicles into Jordan, he told Syrian officials, or Amman will publicly expose Syria’s deep involvement in global terror. He said Jordan would share the information obtained from the suicide terrorists and trucks previously intercepted – all from around Damascus – with TV stations around the world.
Most urgently, the Jordanian prime minister demanded the extradition to Jordan of Musab al Zarqawi’s man in Damascus, Suleiman Darweesh, the dispatcher of death trucks to both Iraq and Jordan.
This was the first time an Arab leader has named a Zarqawi operative and accused a fellow Arab government of allowing him to turn its national capital into a base for acts of terror.
According to our sources, the men aboard two of the three last trucks seized by Jordanian security admitted they were on their way to Saudi Arabia, while the third had been instructed to stage a large terrorist operation in Amman.
On July 27, Jordanian authorities also captured three of the al Qaeda operatives involved in the attempt last April to carry out a large-scale chemical attack in Amman by blowing up trucks also smuggled in from Syria. King Abdullah said at the time that thousands of lives would have been lost had that attack come off.

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