A boy of 6 and his brother among three killed, 5 injured in another bus stop attack in Jerusalem

A Palestinian terrorist on Friday plowed his vehicle into people waiting at a bus stop at the Ramot junction in Jerusalem, killing a boy of 6 and a man of 20. Five people were injured, including the boy’s father and his brother, 8. who later died in hospital of critical injuries. A Magen David paramedic who happened to be passing by rendered first aid before a fleet of ambulances arrived on the scene and organized the victims’ transfer to hospital. The terrorist, Hussein Kraka, 31, a resident of Issawiye in East Jerusalem, was shot dead by two police officers, one them off duty.  

PM Binyamin Netanyahu ordered the killer’s home to be sealed off as soon as he learned of the attack.

Last November, bombs were set off by a local Palestinian at two Jerusalem bus stops, killing two commuters. Two weeks ago, 9 people were killed in another Palestinian terror attack in Jerusalem at the Neve Yaakov Synagogue.

The security services are on high alert for more trouble during the Muslim Ramadan festival next month. National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Dvir, who arrived on the scene of the Ramot attack with police commissioner Yacov Shabtai, ordered roadblocks thrown up around Issawiye village and repeated his demand for killer-terrorists to be sentenced to death and searches for weapons made possible without court warrants.

Ben-Gvir later ordered the police to “prepare plans for Operation Defensive Shield 2″ to be conducted in East Jerusalem – the military operation in the West Bank that cut short the Palestinians Second Intifada in early 2000. Intelligence experts strongly doubted the feasibility of Ben-Gvir’s plan for military action in Jerusalem’s Palestinian neighborhoods, whose residents are Israeli citizens. They also questioned whether the police force was fit for such action in its present format. The minister’s plan is anyway expected to run into objections at the security cabinet when it is convened by the prime minister.

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