A senior Lebanese intelligence officer and 10 others killed, 20 wounded, in a car explosion in Beirut

Capt. Wissam Eid was on the Internal Security Forces (ISF) team investigating the car bombings of the last three years attributed to Syria, including the attack which killed former prime minister Rafiq Hariri. Two years ago, a grenade was thrown at his home in Beirut.
debkafile reports: Lebanon is in the grip of a grave political crisis after being without a president for two months. Damascus has vetoed the presidential candidate, chief of staff Gen. Michel Suleiman, who is backed by the government majority and opposed by the Hizballah-led pro-Syrian opposition. Several incidents of street violence have occurred in different parts of Lebanon in the last week.
Capt. Eid’s car was blown up on the highway leading out of NE Beirut through the Christian Chevrolet quarter. The blast dug a five-meter wide crater in the road and damaged some 20 cars. The dead officer was close to the murdered ex-prime minister and had given the UN commission probing his 2005 assassination information about the crime.

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