Alleged Mossad spy sentenced to death in Iran

Ali Ashtari, 43, of Tehran, who was found guilty of spying for the “Zionist regime” for money, may appeal the death sentence handed down by a Iranian Revolutionary Court Monday, June 30, the Fars news agency reports.
According to his “confession,” Ashtari was a salesman of telecoms equipment which he used to help the Israeli Mossad access information from Iranian officials. He is said to have been given $50,000 to buy Internet cables and satellite phones and then sell them to “special customers” to enable Israel to hack into their communications.
The condemned man is cited as admitting he had meetings in Thailand, Turkey and Switzerland with Mossad agents “Jacques, Charles and Tony,” who gave him equipment including a laptop for sending encrypted emails.
debkafile‘s Iranian sources report Iranian official circles have beome obsessed with suspicions of Israeli and American undercover infiltrators preparing impending attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities. There have been claims in the past of spies hiding in strategic places ready to guide incoming heavy American bombers to targeting those facilities. Iran also fears enemy agents have penetrated its nuclear research centers to gather “crucial” strategic data.
These alarms have raised concerns for the safety of the 4,000-years old Jewish community of Iran, whose numbers have dwindled to 17,000 to 20,000.

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