Bush: I support Blair position on solving captive sailors’ crisis and especially declaration of no quid pro quo on hostages

The Iranian news agency has released new pictures of 6 captive sailors in Iran Tuesday, April 3, Day 12 of the crisis.
Earlier Tuesday, there were signs of positive diplomatic movement in Iran, which appear to have taken a step back. debkafile: The US president’s statement indicates that the release of the Iranian diplomat captured in Iraq two months ago, Jalal Sharafi, second secretary at the Iranian embassy in Baghdad, was a one-time gesture only. Earlier optimism was generated by a number of positive steps by Tehran.
Iranian Vice President Parviz Davoudi said he expected the conflict to be resolved “soon.’ UK prime minister Tony Blair said Britain wants to maintain “peaceful and calm negotiations” with Iran to free the captives, adding the next few days were vital. Ahmadinjejad postponed a press conference on British sailors’ seizure planned for Tuesday.
Monday night, the head of Iran’s national security council Ali Larijani said the crisis over 15 captive British sailors seized on March 23 could be resolved by diplomacy without a trial. He spoke of bilateral negotiations with a delegation that would come to Tehran to review the claims.

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