Iran slams Obama’s rejection of its nuclear program

Parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani said Saturday, Nov. 8, forcefully rejected US president-elect Barack Obama’s comment Friday that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons was unacceptable and its support for terrorist organizations cease. “This signifies the same erroneous policy as the past, said Larijani. “If the United States wants to change its standing in the region it should send good signals.”
Most of Obama’s first news conference after election was devoted to the economic crisis. The president-elect said his top priority would be to confront the “greatest economic challenge of our time” head-on. “We need a stimulus program either before or immediately after inauguration focusing on economic growth and job growth.”
He stressed there is only one president at a time and he would not be rushed into naming his team.
Asked if he was satisfied with US intelligence after his briefing, Obama replied: “Our intelligence process can always improve. It has got better. “

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