Israel is on high security alert until after Tuesday’s Middle East conference in the US under threat of Hamas and other terrorist action

Sunday, thousands of police and soldiers poured into Jerusalem after intelligence was received that a terrorist team from the West Bank was bound for a suicide bombing in the city. After several hours, the alert was lifted.
debkafile reports the IDF, police and Shin Bet meanwhile began scouring West Bank and Gaza Strip terrorist strongholds to intercept Palestinian bombers before they crossed the borders into Israel. Sunday morning, an Israeli force tackled Palestinian gunmen hear the Gaza-Israel crossing at Erez. Three gunmen were killed in the shoot-out. On the West Bank, a border police undercover unit on an arrest mission at Tulkarm killed a wanted Fatah terrorist and injured a second when both tried to escape.
Hamas has scheduled a “counter-conference” in Gaza to protest Palestinian attendance of the Annapolis parley, which they term “treason.” The Islamist group vows to step up its efforts for lethal terrorist operations against Israel.

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