Jerusalem’s gravest terrorist attack in 12 years leaves 7 Israelis dead

Alkam Hayri, 21, resident of the Arab Shuafat district of East Jerusalem, gunned down 10 worshippers at two points as they emerged from the synagogue of neighboring Neve Yaacov. Five died on the spot, two more received surgery for severe wounds in hospital. A woman of 60 was one of the first to die, followed by a man passing by on a motor scooter. The gunman continued shooting, claiming another five deaths. The terrorist then went back to his car and drove off – until he encountered police vans rushing to the Pisgat Zeev death scene. He left the car and opened fire on the cops, who drew fast and shot him dead.

The new public security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir arrived on the scene. He said that he would review the restrictions on civilian possession of arms in high-risk places, after a Neve Yaacov resident complained bitterly that he had witnessed the shooting helpless to stop it because he was unarmed. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu also reached the scene after a detailed briefing on the attack.

Celebratory fireworks burst through the sky over Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem and candy was passed around.

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