Missile count from Gaza climbs Monday to 14, one injuring an Israeli, the day after Oshri Oz was killed in his car

The last two landed north of Sderot and set a cornfield on fire, another near the Eretz crossing. Monday morning, the town was hit as defense minister Amir Peretz was casting his vote in the Labor leadership primary.
Oshri Oz, 35, who is survived by his pregnant wife and a two-year old daughter, provided computer services in Sderot. Another two people were injured Sunday when an upgraded Hamas missile went through the roof of the city’s public leisure center.
debkafile reports that the reinforced concrete installed in some schools, homes and public buildings in the last two years cannot withstand Hamas’ new, extended range, high-powered missiles which are armed with 5-10 kilos of TNT (up from 3 kilos). Even provided with extra fortified layers, the buildings may offer some protection against blast and shrapnel – but not a direct hit.
Jerusalem police are keeping checkpoints guarding the capital’s entrances on elevated alert after a Palestinian terrorist attack Saturday night injured four Israeli checkpoint personnel, two seriously.

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