Court nullifies key element of state’s bribe case against Netanyahu

The Jerusalem district court undermined the bribe case against former PM Binyamin Netanyahu by refusing the prosecution’s application to alter the indictment. The judges were guided by testimony proving that an alleged interview between key witness Shlomo Filber and Netanyahu then prime minister could not have taken place shortly after the latter’s appointment as communications ministry director general as claimed by the state. At that meeting, it was contended, the prime minister directed Filber to render special assistance in favor of the director of the Bezeq communications company in return for favorable media coverage. The judges by rejecting the prosecution’s request to change the date on the charge sheet voided the nub of the bribe case. It is now left up in the air. The charge of corruption  served as the main slogan of the campaign led by the parties of the incumbent government coalition to unseat Netanyahu as prime minister.

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