In Likud primary, 70 candidates jockey for top 30+ slots

Israel’s largest party, Likud, currently in opposition, holds a primary vote at 110 balloting stations across the country on Wednesday, with 140,000 registered voters making their choices for the slate the party runs in the November general election. While Binyamin Netanyahu remains unchallenged as party leader since 2005, some new faces will be bidding against a majority of veterans for the top 34-35 slots, the number polled in the outgoing House. Ten seats are reserved for local districts, along with a number for special groups, plus five at Netanyahu’s discretion.

Labor dumped two serving ministers in its primary on Tuesday, catapulting five new faces into realistic spots of this small party. Omer Barlev in Public Security was dropped from 2nd to 9th spot, while Nahman Shay in Diaspora Affairs fell from 8th to 17th place. Merav Michaeli was confirmed as leader.

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