Israeli air strikes continue to destroy Hama tunnel network

The IDF bombed another 15km section of the underground network (known as the “Hamas Metro”) overnight Sunday, dropping 110 pieces of ordnance on 35 targets in 20 minutes. The homes of 9 Hamas commanders were also wrecked. In some, weapons were stored. The underground network of hundreds of multi-branched kilometers housing Hamas and Islamic Jihad command posts, terrorist units and hideouts allows their combatants to move secretly between sectors undetected.

Hamas meanwhile aimed 60 rockets at Israeli civilians from the Gaza Strip Sunday night – mainly against Beersheba and Ashkelon, with a short break up to 7:00 Monday morning.

The IDF has counted 3,150 rockets fired in all in the 100day blitz of which 90pc were intercepted before falling on populated areas and 460 fell short inside the Gaza Strip.


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