Palestinian gunman’s accomplices arrested. Victims still in grave condition

Security forces on Tuesday detained accomplices of the gunman who shot three Israelis at the Tapuach junction on Sunday from a moving vehicle. Yehuda Guetta, 19, from Jerusalem, is still in critical condition with a head wound and Benaya Peretz, 19, from Beit She’an is still seriously ill after taking a shot to his spine. The third victim was discharged from hospital.

The arrests were made in the Palestinian village of Aqraba, where the gray Hyundai van used in the attack and belonging to a local Hamas member, was sighted on Monday. The gunman is still at large. Photos of the van showed two bullet holes caused by the soldiers who shot at the escaping vehicle after the attack. Shortly after it was spotted, Israeli troops reached the scene. While clashing with the soldiers, the villagers managed to torch the vehicle.

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