NYPD cement trucks against car bombs guard Salute Israel parade

The New York Police laid on exceptionally heavy measures to protect the annual Salute Israel parade on Fifth Avenue, New York, against terrorist attack, including car bombs, Sunday, May 23. debkafile's counter-terror sources report that all the entrances to Fifth Avenue between 55th and 83rd Streets were blocked by patrol cars and huge trucks packed with cement as counter-measures against car bombs, as around ten thousand marchers celebrated Israel's 62nd anniversary under a sea of waving blue and white flags.
Regular participants in the annual parade said they have never seen such extreme anti-terror measures before.

 A ring of police officers, undercover agents and Israeli security guards enclosed the group of marching Israeli consular staff. More police officers mingled with the cheering crowds lining the streets of the route, police marksmen perched on the rooftops and helicopters hovered overhead.
Our counter-terror sources report that US federal agencies and the New York police are not satisfied that the accomplices of Faisal Shahzad, who failed to detonate a bomb on Time Square on May 1, have been rounded up and fear that his network is still at large. The ongoing inquiry and information coming in from Pakistan lay bare an extensive terrorist ring activated by the Taliban which may be plotting more attacks in New York or other parts of the United States by explosive cars or some other means of attack.

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