Palestinian gunman shoots dead 3 Israelis at Har Adar

Three Israelis were murdered, one is in critical condition at Har Adar, 15km west of Jerusalem, after a Palestinian terrorist conducted a shooting and stabbing rampage early Tuesday. The gunman was shot dead. The victims were all Border Police and other security officers on duty. The gunman was killed in a firefight after security forces chased him to the neighboring Palestinian village of Bidu. According to initial reports, the gunman waylaid the officers when they inspected the exit and road leading into the community to ascertain that it was safe. The gunman reached the scene among a group of Palestinian workmen coming to work at the Israeli community. His gun was IDF issue.

During the security screening of the group, the gunman pulled a pistol and shot the security officers. An initial probe found him to have been a 37-year old father of four from the Palestinian village of Beit Sureq.

Since 2015, Palestinian terrorists have killed 48 Israelis, two visiting Americans and a British tourist in stabbings, shooting and car-ramming attacks.


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