US citizen Elan Ganeles was latest Palestinian terrorist murder victim

Elan Ganeles, 26, was on a short visit to Israel for a wedding, when he was shot dead by Palestinian terrorists near Jericho on Monday, Feb. 27 in their second deadlly attack in two days. Raised in West Hartford, Conn., where he was active in the local Jewish community, he graduated from Columbia University after two years in Israel, joining the Israeli army as a “lone soldier” and working on a kibbutz. Elan Ganeles is survived by parents, both physicians, and two younger brothers.

DEBKAfile reported earlier on Monday:

A man of 27 died of injuries sustained in a shooting attack by a pair of Palestinian terrorists on Monday, Feb. 27. His car was the first of three to be targeted as the gunmen drove along Route 90 north of the Dead Sea, They shot at Israeli vehicles along the way. After critically injuring an Israeli driver at the Arava junction, they opened fire on two more cars, one after the other, without causing further injury. The shooters then abandoned their vehicle and headed on foot towards Jericho. A large military-police force is chasing them, supported by a helicopter overhead. This attack came the day after a Palestinian terrorist shot dead two Israeli brothers, Hilel and Yigal Yaniv, on the Hawara road south of Nablus. Defense Minister Yoav Galant warned on Monday, that the terror attacks are coming frequently and even tougher times may yet be ahead. The highest security alert and preparations are in force on all fronts for the month of March, especially sensitive as the occasion of the Muslim Ramadan and Jewish Passover.

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