The ninth victim of the Palestinian suicide attack at the old Tel Aviv bus station identified as Marcelle Cohen, 72, a French tourist. Binyamin Haputa, 46, from Lod, the security guard at the falafel

Phillip Belahson, 45 from Ashdod, was shopping for Passover gifts with two of his 4 children. The other victims were Viktor Erez, 60, from Givatayim, two foreign workers from Romania, Rosalia Basania, 48, and Budha Piroshke, 50; Lilly Younes, 43, from Oranit, Ariel Darhi, 31, from Bat Yam, and David Shaulov, 29, from Holon.
Half of the 65 people injured are still in hospital. The 16-year old American boy’s condition has improved from critical to very serious. The 3-5 kilo bomb was detonated amid a large holiday crowd. The injuries it caused were grievous because of the large number of heavy nails and metal shards released by the huge blast.
Hamas spokesman justified as “self defense” the first suicide attack since the Islamist terror group took office last month. Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas condemned the murderous bombing as “a despicable act” and harmful to Palestinian interests. However, he did not refer to the share his own Fatah group claimed in the attack.
Police detain three suspected accomplices of Tel Aviv suicide bombing in a car after blocking Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway both ways.
Their Mazda was identified by the license number reported by witnesses of the attack. Roadblocks were set up along the highway later Monday night amid fresh terror alerts.

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